DBCs & DHRMs: Eligibility

Eligibility for University benefits is based on your classification, the nature of your employment as well as your appointment duration and percentage of time and the number of hours you work.

How benefits eligibility works

Losing Benefits Eligibility

If an employee drops below 17.5 average hours per week for two consecutive months, the employee loses health and welfare benefits eligibility (except for those plans that have no ongoing eligibility requirement). If the employee is a UCRP member, that eligibility remains as long as the employee has no break in service.

If an employee loses health and welfare benefits eligibility, the department must:

  1. Notify the employee that s/he has lost health and welfare benefits eligibility. Since the department will have been monitoring the situation in advance as average hours per week have declined, it is a good idea to notify employee informally of possibilities and options ahead of time and formally when ineligibility actually occurs.
  2. Notify the employee of COBRA and other continuation and conversion options.
    1. Give the employee general COBRA information:
    2. Complete the COBRA Notification Form and submit to HR Benefits.
  3. Complete a BELI form/HRMS transaction to change the employee's BELI code to 5.
  4. Assist employee in completing a UPAY 850 form to de-enroll from benefits for which s/he is no longer eligible.

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