DBCs & DHRMs: Employees Returning from Leave

  1. Employees must reenroll in benefits within 31 days of their return from a leave of absence using forms UPAY 850  (PDF) and/or UPAY 919  (PDF). To ensure all benefits resume as desired, employees must re-enroll in all of their Health & Welfare benefits, regardless of whether or not the benefit was continued while on leave.

    If an employee is on leave for less than 120 days, the employee can only re-enroll in the benefits he or she had prior to the leave. If the length of the leave is 120 days or longer, the employee is allowed to re-enroll as a newly eligible employee and is not limited to pre-leave benefits enrollments. Employees with questions about Health & Welfare benefits should contact Campus Shared Services.

  2. 403(b) and/or 457(b) deductions will resume automatically if they were not cancelled during the leave of absence.
  3. UCRP Service Credit buyback information: Give the employee the UCRP Buyback Booklet. Employees with questions about buybacks should contact Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC).