Background Checks


Why do we require background checks?

The University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its staff, faculty, students, and others in the University community; protecting its property and assets; and upholding the reputation and integrity of the University. To support these efforts and to minimize the risk to the University, a background check, which is a review of a candidate’s criminal history, is required after a candidate has received a conditional offer of employment in a critical position, i.e. the offer is contingent upon completion of a satisfactory pre-employment background check. Candidates hired into critical positions have sensitive administrative/programmatic/managerial duties and responsibilities that could potentially cause human, financial or property loss or other significant risk to the University. The background check process is initiated only after a conditional offer of employment has been extended to the candidate. The background check is used for evaluating the candidate for employment and cannot be used for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons as prohibited by state and federal law and University policies.  

For more details on the background check requirement, please refer to PPSM 21.III. D at

What happens with the background check results?

If the background check does not contain information that would disqualify the candidate’s employment, the hiring process may proceed. If the background check contains any conflicting or potentially disqualifying information, the candidate will not automatically be disqualified from employment. Reports with conflicting or potentially disqualifying information are reviewed by the Background Check Review Committee led by the  Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Chief People & Culture Officer. The Background Check Review Committee meets to conduct an individualized assessment and determine the appropriate course of action.

If an applicant for a position requiring a criminal history check is preliminarily denied employment by the Background Check Review Committee, the individual candidate then has an opportunity to appeal, supply additional information, and request reconsideration. Full details of this process can be found in PPSM 21.III. DE. at

You may also review the Background Check section of the Work Authorizations Requirements pages of the Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) website for information about related fee(s) and other details. 

If you drive for the job

Finalists who drive for the job will have their records pulled from the Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm that they are qualified to drive a university vehicle. That review is conducted by UC Berkeley’s Fleet Services.

Where do we find more details about background check costs, processes, etc.?

Review the Work Authorizations - Background Checks page of the Onboarding Newly Hired Berkeley Employees section of the Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) website, which outlines details such as the current fee schedule, the service provider who conducts fingerprinting services, and what happens if a background check is rejected.