Employee Relations


Supervisors should provide early constructive feedback to employees when performance tasks or behavior becomes a concern. This feedback is usually verbal, specific, and held in a confidential setting. The supervisor should listen to the employee, and seek to understand the employee's reasons for why s/he is not performing satisfactorily. Assistance from the supervisor, further coaching, additional help, re-prioritizing tasks, or additional training may be some of the remedies required.

However, if a pattern of poor performance still continues, the Supervisor will want to...

Background Checks


Designated positions requiring fingerprinting
Positions where job responsibilities include, for example, working with minors, handling or having access to cash or personally identifiable information, or having access to secured or restricted areas, require finalists to be fingerprinted and are referred to as “designated” positions. Prints are sent to the Department of Justice through...

Affirmative Action & EEO

Why Diversity?

Managing a diverse workforce contributes to staff retention and productivity. It enhances our organization's responsiveness to an increasingly diverse world of customers, improves relations with the surrounding community, increases our ability to cope with change, and expands the creativity of our organization. In addition to supporting these business goals, managing diversity contributes to goals unique to UC Berkeley as a public institution, such as increased accessibility and accountability to all residents of the state.

This website...

Personnel Policies & Procedures

There are many policies that govern the way we work and our relationship with the University; some are systemwide, and are implemented on all the UC campuses throughout the state. Others are specific to UC Berkeley.

Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) applies to all staff employees systemwide whose positions are not otherwise governed by a collective bargaining agreement (i.e., labor contract). There are additional...

Carrie Ann Colton

Title: Employee & Labor Relations Director


Email: cacolton@berkeley.edu

Proposed Travel Regulations open for employee comment

January 18, 2017

Travel Policy

The University of California Office of the President invites comments on the proposed revisions to the Presidential Policy Business and Finance Bulletin (BFB) – G-28, Travel Regulations.

The proposed revisions allow reimbursement, in limited circumstances, for travel (including childcare) expenses for spouses, domestic partners, dependent-care providers, and dependents of...

Preferential Rehire/Recall for Non-rep PSS staff – Option Suspended Indefinitely

April 14, 2016

What is preferential rehire? And recall?
Preferential rehire for non-represented staff is an option the campus may provide in lieu of severance to a regular status PSS employee who is laid off indefinitely or whose time is reduced indefinitely. If offered, it is the right to receive preferential consideration after the date of the layoff for any active, vacant career position for which the employee is qualified, which is at the same or lower salary grade, at the same or lesser percentage of time, and at the same campus as the position from which the employee...

Berkeley Bans The Box

May 3, 2016

Ban The Box Checkbox

UC Berkeley is joining more than 45 cities and counties, including New York City, Richmond, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, and San Francisco who have "Banned the Box" and removed the question regarding conviction history from employment applications. This change, which was led by students who are members of the ...

Layoff & Separations

Road splits in two

This section of the site contains information and resources concerning layoffs and separations. Please navigate either using the menu in the left hand bar, or work your your way the sections as follows:

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