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About Recruiting

Recruiting is currently handled by our partners at Campus Shared Services.

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Employment Resources

  • Applicant Resources: Find instructions and tips on applying for a job at Berkeley, as well as disability and compliance information.
  • Employee Resources: Find out details about UC Berkeley’s benefits, professional development, and perks that have attracted so many people to the University by checking out the  section.
  • Hiring Resources: For hiring managers or supervisors, this section provides details about planning a recruitment, posting job requisitions in TAM, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, or documenting recruitments.
  • Transition Services: Our award-winning  program for eligible staff alumni and employees in career transition. 
  • Employment Staff Assignments: Find the appropriate contact for any of the applicant, employee or manager and supervisor services.
  • Clery Disclosure: Find out the crime statistics and other safety information for Berkeley.