Organizational Culture at Cal

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To find career satisfaction and success at UC Berkeley, it is essential that you understand the organizational culture in which you work.  Organizational or workplace culture is basically the personality of an organization and is defined by its mission, goals, and values and by how these elements influence the working environment itself and the behaviors of those who work there.

At UC Berkeley, employees function within a culture of higher education that is supported by a vast number of academic, service, business, and administrative departments, all with their own workplace objectives and distinctive organizational cultures. Learning about a department’s culture will help you determine whether a particular work environment is a good fit for you personally and professionally.

Finding an environment that is compatible with your values, work style, skills and interests, and where there are opportunities for meaningful career development, will help you do your best work.  Understanding both the culture and mission of UC Berkeley and the organizational culture in your department will also enable you to see how your work contributes to the success of the university as a whole.

Tips for Learning about Organizational Culture at Berkeley

Understanding workplace culture can be challenging. Consider the following as you evaluate career opportunities within a particular department on campus:

  • What is the department’s mission and/or stated values and how do these fit in with UC Berkeley’s mission and values?
  • What does it take for someone to be successful within the department?
  • What achievements are recognized within the department?
  • How does the department demonstrate respect for diversity?
  • How would you describe the work environment within the department?
  • How are decisions made and communicated in the department?
  • How are problems handled in the department?
  • What is the leadership or managerial style within the department?
  • How does the department support and promote professional growth?

Suggestions for Researching UC Berkeley’s Organizational Culture

Suggestions for Researching Departments on Campus