Layoff & Separations

Medical Separation


NOTE: These procedures supplement relevant personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements, and should be read in conjunction with those provisions.

Decision-making authority: Department head or designee.

Resources: Disability Management Services (DMS), Employee Relations, HR Business Partner or HR Representative, Benefits staff, Campus ADA/504 Compliance Officer.

Transition Services Program


The Transition Services Program is provided by Human Resources-Employment Services. It has been developed to support UC Berkeley employees who are being separated as a result of our current budget situation and other circumstances. Affected employees may need to expand their job search beyond the university community, and the Transition Services Program can assist in facilitating a terminated employee’s search for a new job.

How to Complete the Request for Review (Campus Accommodation and/or Medical Separation) Form

Instructions: How to Complete the Request for Review (Campus Accommodation and/or Medical Separation) Form

** Please read the below instructions before filling out the Request for Review (Campus Accommodation and/or Medical Separation) form (Word). The below instructions are also available in a printable format (PDF).

Layoff: Resources Provided by Employment Services

Employment Services offers a variety of services and resources to employees during their transition. The Special Placement Consideration (SPC) Coordinator and Transition Services Program (TSP) Coordinators are available to meet with employees in one-on-one and group sessions to:

Job Search

Note: is a well developed, online training resource available to UC Berkeley staff by logging in with your Berkeley email address. In collaboration Transition Services, the Career Development Program for staff and UC Recruiting have partnered to review and suggest videos listed in the Support Videos sections below.

Cover Letter

Download the PDF version of Cover Letter Builder Guide

The Cover Letter Builder is intended to assist you in drafting a cover letter to complete your job application process.


Download the PDF version of Resume Builder Guide

The Resume Builder is intended to help you jump start the resume drafting process. Your resume is an employer's first "look" at you. Please note it is highly recommended that you have your material reviewed by a career services professional.


As an employer of choice, Berkeley has the opportunity to hire and retain bright and committed people. Occasionally some of our very talented staff lose their positions because of re-structuring occurring at Berkeley, similar to the organic transformation in many organizations that strive to meet new priorities and changing needs.