Layoff Planning Flow Chart

This flow chart provides general guidelines for a department faced with budget reductions and programmatic changes. Refer to union contracts and personnel policies for specific notice requirements and key time frames.

Explore non-layoff solutions

Contact Employee Relations Consultant to discuss possible departmental changes

Consult with staff on creative ways to handle the budget

Layoff Planning 90-120 days ahead of effective date of layoff

Meet with Central Human Resources team to consult on:

Notice requirements
Impact on employees
Resources available

Discuss proposed changes with department management. Decide layoffs are necessary

Calculate seniority points and determine who will be laid off. Review with Employee Relations before proceeding

Consider voluntary layoffs - some union contracts allow for voluntary layoffs

Initiating Layoff Process

Send required information on the layoff to Employee Relations for union notice (at least 75 days before layoff date)

Make appointment with Employment Unit on employee's behalf

Formal Written Notice

Meet with each employee to inform him of layoff decision and describe assistance being offered

Hold group and/or individual information sessions with Central HR experts to answer laid off employee's questions

Issue written layoff notice to employee according to contract and policy requirements (30-60 days prior to effective layoff date)

After the Layoff Action

Meet with remaining employees to address issues and concerns about the layoff and how work will get distributed