Layoff Process: Checklist

PLANNING (90-120 days in advance):

Step 1. Client contacts Human Resources Partner (HRP) to discuss business reasons, scope, and timeframe for layoffs, as well as strategies for cost-savings and reassignment options to avoid layoffs.
Step 2. HRP reviews Layoff Resources on HR Website.
Step 3. HRP contacts Central HR Employee Relations to share pending layoff plan, (policy/unit).


Step 4. HRP assists Client Supervisor/Manager with scripting initial general staff announcement regarding pending layoffs and business reasons.
Step 5. HRP requests seniority points for each title code impacted for layoff from Records unit.
Step 6. HRP contacts Central HR Employee Relations to determine whether bumping and/or out of seniority layoffs may be necessary; if so, review process and plan for additional timeframe.
Step 7. HRP prepares Attachment A (and supporting documents). Note: more than one Attachment A may be required for different title codes.
Step 8. For each layoff, HRP determines layoff preferential rehire/recall and severance eligibility, and schedules an appointment for the employee to meet with the SPC Coordinator - in HR Policy and Practice on (date) at (time) at location: Human Resources, UC Berkeley, 2199 Addison Street, Room 192, Berkeley, CA 94720.  Note: The University provides assistance to laid-off employees in finding new employment through Transition Services which can promote a more productive job search with resources, guidance and development opportunities (Transition Services Program). Contact: 510-642-1013 or email:
Step 9. At least 15 work days before layoffs, HRP submits layoff package (Seniority points, Attachment A with supporting documents, and layoff letter drafts) to Central HR Employee Relations for review.
Step 10. In coordination with Client Supervisor/Manager, HRP drafts talking points, and schedules individual meetings with each employee to be laid off and to receive layoff letter. Another option: if 5 or more layoffs, a group meeting can also be scheduled in advance (with Benefits, Care Services, CHR Transition Services, and CHR Employee Relations present).
Step 11. HRP completes layoff letter distribution, and processes layoff terminations, including payout of severance, if applicable.
Step 12. In coordination with Client Supervisor/Manager, HRP drafts post-layoff communication, plans meeting with remaining staff employees regarding workflow going forward.

Model Letter for Indefinite Layoff #1