Health Care Facilitator Program

UC's Health Care Facilitator Program helps faculty and staff and their eligible family members understand and obtain the full benefits and services available from their UC-sponsored health plans, and provides confidential one-on-one assistance in resolving health plan issues.

To contact the Berkeley campus Health Care Facilitator Program, call (510) 664-9000 option 3.

Family Member Eligibility Criteria

Use this chart to determine whether your dependent(s) are eligible for UC Health and Welfare benefits.

Source: Your Group Insurance Plans booklet (PDF), page 6

Family Member Eligibility Must be May enroll in Legal Spouse¹ ² Eligible • Medical
• Dental
• Vision
• Dependent Life
• AD&D
• Legal Domestic Partner¹ (same-sex/opposite sex) Age 18...

Health & Welfare Plans

UC offers comprehensive health and welfare insurance plans to protect you and your family. UC health and welfare benefits include:

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is a state-mandated benefit for employees with work-related injuries and illnesses, awarded without regard to who is at fault. Employers are required to provide benefits in case of injury, illness, death, or aggravation of a pre-existing condition resulting from employment. For the University of California, these benefits are administered by a self-insured plan. There is no outside insurance carrier. The University contracts with a third-party administrator, Sedgwick CMS, for the management of its claims.

Learn more about...

Guidance for Height-Adjustable Desks

Sit Stand Desks

A user height-adjustable desk (sit-stand desk) can prove to be the most appropriate ergonomic solution for a variety of situations. This type of desk allows the user to work at the best seated height, promotes postural changes throughout the work day and provides other health benefits. Please use the information below when considering height-adjustable desks.

The need for...

Retirement: Take Control of Your Financial Future

UC Berkeley offers many free classes, workshops and resources on financial management to help faculty, staff and retirees take control of their financial future. This dedicated portal page outlines those campus resources and provides recommended community resources. This effort is a collaboration of University departments working to bring together all the financial education and counseling opportunities available, organized to help across the life span, such as:

Starting your career at the University and needing to establish your financial plans with Fidelity Managing finances in this...

DBCs & DHRMs: Leave of Absence Premium Overpayment

Timely HCM action is required to formally put the employee on leave. If an employee is showing as active at the time of the monthly payroll deadline, the department will be charged for the following month’s premiums. Once charged, premiums are not refundable unless they are refunded automatically through the consolidated billing process. If UC is refunded the premium by the insurance company, then the department is also refunded.

To avoid this problem, departments must

Place the employee on leave in HCM in a timely manner Take an active role in assuring that employees...

DBCs & DHRMs: Eligibility Compliance

There are a number of reports designed to assist departments and Benefits offices with complying with UC policies around eligibility. Some reports are managed centrally by the campus Central HR Benefits Unit and some are managed by departments.

Departments manage:

BELI Out-of-Compliance Report (PDF) Rehired Retirees

HR Benefits manages the following compliance reports, but in...

Benefits Information for Separating Employees

The following information is useful to employees when they leave the University. Choose the applicable checklist for your situation to learn more about what happens to your benefits when you leave UC. If you are eligible for COBRA, click on that link for more information.

Termination of Employment Checklist What To Do If You're Being Laid Off...

Preparing for Retirement

You can retire and receive UC benefits anytime after you become eligible - that is, when you have at least five years of UC Retirement Plan service credit and reach age 50 or 55, depending on which tier of the pension plan you're in.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE: Preparing for Retirement Retirement Handbook (1976 Tier...