DBCs & DHRMs: Leave of Absence Premium Overpayment

Timely HCM action is required to formally put the employee on leave.  If an employee is showing as active at the time of the monthly payroll deadline, the department will be charged for the following month’s premiums.  Once charged, premiums are not refundable unless they are refunded automatically through the consolidated billing process.  If UC is refunded the premium by the insurance company, then the department is also refunded.

To avoid this problem, departments must

DBCs & DHRMs: Benefits Enrollment Process

UC offers three benefits packages – Full, Mid-Level, and Core – to eligible faculty and staff employees. These benefits packages determine eligibility for Health and Welfare and Retirement plans. Please see Benefits Packages for details.

For more information on benefits actions and how to take them, review the Taking Action chart.

Benefits Information for Separating Employees

The following information is useful to employees when they leave the University.  Choose the applicable checklist for your situation to learn more about what happens to your benefits when you leave UC. If you are eligible for COBRA, click on that link for more information.

DBCs & DHRMs: Eligibility Compliance

There are a number of reports designed to assist departments and Benefits offices with complying with UC policies around eligibility.  Some reports are managed centrally by the campus Central HR Benefits Unit and some are managed by departments.

Departments manage:

Preparing for Retirement

You can retire and receive UC benefits anytime after you become eligible - that is, when you have at least five years of UC Retirement Plan service credit and reach age 50 or 55, depending on which tier of the pension plan you're in.

Department Benefits Counselors and Human Resource Managers (DBCs & DHRMs)

This section of the Central HR website is for Department Benefits Counselors (DBCs) and Department Human Resources Managers (DHRMs) – those of you who administer benefits to the faculty and staff in your department(s).

This section mirrors the Eligibility, Employment Events, and Life Events sections that are directed toward faculty and staff employees. In this section, you will find instructions for department benefits administrators on how to handle eligibility, employment and life events situations.

Retirement & Savings

UC offers comprehensive retirement benefits, including a traditional defined benefit plan (pension) and mandatory and voluntary defined contribution plans.

DOMA Tax Refund Information

Who Does This Affect
Employees and retirees who are legally married with a same gender spouse.

Faculty, staff and and retirees who are legally married with a same gender spouse are now able to reclaim income taxes for open taxable years—usually up to three years. Note: the ruling and benefits changes do not apply to same gender domestic partners.

Employment Events

Certain events during your employment with UC will trigger changes in your benefits. Leaves of absence, separations, and other changes in employment status can affect your benefits status and usually require some action on your part.

The pages in this section examine the most common employment events that affect employee benefits, and explain the actions you will need to take to ensure continued coverage.

Open Enrollment Information for DBCs and DHRMs

Open Enrollment is the annual opportunity for employees to enroll in or make changes to their medical, dental, and vision plans. It is also the time to enroll or re-enroll in health and dependent care flexible spending accounts. Open Enrollment usually occurs in November. 

For more information, visit the UC Office of the President's Open Enrollment website.