Monthly Retirement Workshops

Preparing for Retirement - Monthly Webinars

This webinar is presented by Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) for UCRP members considering retirement within the next five years.  Topics include understanding UCRP pension benefits, retirement savings, and retiree health coverage. Review the current quarterly schedule of upcoming webinars and access information.  Registration is not required.  

If you cannot attend one of the webinars, you can watch this pre-recorded version of the presentation. We recommend you watch the full presentation, which, lasts about 60 minutes, but you can easily jump to any sections that interest you.

Retirement Readiness Education Program - Fidelity Retirement Services

UC is sponsoring several retirement education workshops conducted by Fidelity Retirement Services to help employees learn about investing for retirement and the steps they can take to help ensure retirement readiness. The schedule for all workshops can be found on the My UC Retirement website.