Guidance for Height-Adjustable Desks

Sit Stand Desks

A user height-adjustable desk (sit-stand desk) can prove to be the most appropriate ergonomic solution for a variety of situations. This type of desk allows the user to work at the best seated height, promotes postural changes throughout the work day and provides other health benefits. Please use the information below when considering height-adjustable desks.

 The need for height-adjustable desks fall into two categories

(1) Prevention/Wellness or (2) Reasonable Accommodation due to disability:

If for Prevention/Wellness (medical documentation is NOT required)

Height-adjustable desks may be considered if one or more of the below criteria is met:
1 User performs 4+ hours of computer work throughout the day
2 User is required to continuously remain at workstation for 2+ hours
3 Multiple users share the same workstation (e.g., call centers, customer service counters)
4 Current desk height does not go low or high enough to properly fit user
5 Frequent staff turnover results in repeatedly changing desk height
6 New workstation(s) are being created or re-designed

Contact your Department Computer Workstation Evaluator (if any) or Be Well at Work - Ergonomics (643-2540) for guidance.

If for Reasonable Accommodation due to disability (medical documentation is required)


These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis


Further coordination may be necessary to explore all options

Contact your HR Partner or Be Well at Work - Disability Management (643-7921) for guidance.

Alternating between sitting and standing can be beneficial for employees, especially those whose primary job responsibilities require extended computer use. Height-adjustable desks that adjust between 22-48 inches will fit 95% of users. In addition, with the recent increased demand for height-adjustable desks, their cost has decreased. 

Please note that the purchase of a height-adjustable desk may be eligible for the Computer Matching Funds Program. 

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