EEO Compliance and Affirmative Action: Campus Roles and Responsibilities

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) are foundational components of the University's work toward ensuring an equitable and inclusive workplace for its employees. They are also legally required due to the University's status as a federal contractor.

This page details responsibilities for implementation of EEO and AA for UC Berkeley non-academic staff and those who manage them, including department chairs. (For AA responsibilites regarding academic personnel, please consult the UC Berkeley Academic Affirmative Action Plan. For information about diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, visit the Division of Equity and Inclusion website.)

  • Chancellor: Delegates responsibility for EEO/AA compliance and ensures provision of adequate staffing and resources. Reaffirms campus commitment to EEO and AA in annual Chancellor's letter.
  • Vice Chancellor - Administration: Responsible for monitoring the impact of campus programs on staff affirmative action goals and objectives.
  • Vice Chancellor - Equity and Inclusion: Responsible for developing programs that support the goal of strengthening the equity and inclusiveness of the Berkeley work and learning environment. Oversees the development of programs and practices aimed at improving the campus climate for staff, students, and faculty.
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor - Human Resources: Responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the activities of Human Resources to ensure equal employment opportunity in all human resource processes and to ensure affirmative action implementation for women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and covered veterans.
  • Director of Total Rewards and EEO: Responsible for evaluating and reporting progress on campus affirmative action efforts. Oversees development of the UC Berkeley Staff Affirmative Action Plan.

  • Director of Staff Diversity InitiativesResponsible for developing multicultural training and programs that increase awareness and develop employee skills specific to working in a diverse, multicultural work environment. Assists in incorporating equity and inclusion considerations in staff hiring, development, and advancement programs, procedures, and practices. 
  • Campus Directors and Senior Leadership: Responsible for communicating the importance of EEO and AA responsibilities to managers who report to them.
  • Managers and Supervisors (including Department Chairs): Responsible for adhering to campus nondiscrimination policy. When hiring staff, responsible for knowing Affirmative Action goals and for exercising and documenting good faith efforts to meet those goals.
         for further details, see here:
    • Workplace Accommodations
    • Recruitment Process
    • Promotion and Staff Development
    • Separation
    • Complaint Resolution
    • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Search Committee: During the interview process, responsible for adhering to campus nondiscrimination policy, for being aware of Affirmative Action goals, and for exercising good faith efforts to meet those goals.
         for further details, see Interviewing and Selection.
  • Recruiters, HR Business Partners, and Other HR Staff: Ensure that hiring managers and search committee members are aware of nondiscrimination policy and Affirmative Action goals, and exercise good faith efforts to meet those goals. When documenting recruitments, responsible for ensuring that job requisitions are properly closed out, with accurate deselection reasons for all applicants.