Affirmative Action Plan and Placement Goals

Staff Affirmative Action Plan

The UC Berkeley Staff Affirmative Action Plan serves as a working document that outlines UC Berkeley's policies, responsibilities, priorities and programs for ensuring equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.

As an employer that receives federal contract and grants funds, the University of California must maintain an affirmative action plan. The plan is evaluated, monitored, and updated annually. A copy of the Staff Affirmative Action Plan is available for review at the Central Human Resources front desk as well as at the Doe Library Reference Center.

UC Berkeley produces separate affirmative action plans for academic staff and non-academic staff. The affirmative action plan and goals for academic employees is produced by the Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare.

Job Groups for Strategic Diversity Outreach

As part of its commitment to affirmative action, the University annually designates certain job groups for strategic diversity outreach to women, minority, and veteran applicants, and to applicants with disabilities. The areas for outreach include but are not limited to the goals and benchmarks set by the University to comply with affirmative action regulations.

Recruitment efforts should specifically be directed to the identified outreach areas to ensure a diverse pool of applicants.

An important part in this undertaking is played by hiring managers and others who are involved with recruitment and selections. For more information, see Resources: Recruitment Process

Ways to Find Current Areas for Strategic Diversity Outreach

  • When a job opening has been created and saved, a list of the designated outreach areas will populate on the TAM job opening screen and job posting screen.

  • Upon final approval of a job posting, the hiring manager will receive a confirmation via email. This email also contains a list of the designated outreach areas.

  • At any time, Strategic Diversity Outreach areas can also be found by means of the charts below. To determine the outreach areas for a specific job title:

  1. Identify the job group to which it belongs, using one of the following charts:
    1. Job Titles by AA Job Group
    2. Job Title to AA Job Group Mapping(UC Berkeley Access only)

      2. Next, open the chart Job Groups for Strategic Diversity Outreach

      3. Find the job group code in the left-hand column of the chart. Blue shading with the word “yes” indicates an area designated for strategic diversity outreach. Note that Protected Veterans are designated as an outreach area for all campus jobs.