Resources for EEO and AA Compliance

The following links provide information and resources for supervisors and managers on key work areas where Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) apply.

  • Workplace Accommodations: Make reasonable accommodations for employees as needed with respect to disability, religion, gender, sex, or other protected status.
  • Recruitment Process: Ensure equal opportunities for all staff and qualified applicants using a fair, consistent and nondiscriminatory process
    • Job Description and Standards
    • Outreach Plan
    • Interviewing and Selection
    • Hiring and Documentation
    • Internal Recruitment Review Process
      • To request a vacancy be reviewed to determine if an internal-only recruitment can be conducted, please complete the Request - Internal Only Recruitment Form

      • What is the process for reviewing if a job vacancy may be posted via an internal-only recruitment?

        Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) are foundational to Berkeley's commitment to equity, inclusion and equal access on our campus.   An internal recruitment may be approved in cases where the anticipated pool of campus, divisional, or departmental applicants is equally or more diverse than the general workforce for the protected groups in question. 

        The process to review if a job vacancy may be posted via an internal-only recruitment starts with the hiring manager providing the Berkeley job titles for the anticipated internal pool of qualified applicants. The Staff EEO Compliance unit in People & Culture reviews the campus affirmative action goals established for the vacant job and conducts an analysis to determine if the potential internal applicants are sufficiently diverse in areas where affirmative action goals exist.  If the internal representation is greater than that of the general workforce, the vacancy is approved. More often than not, the internal applicant pool is not sufficient for internal recruitment to be supported, in which case, a full recruitment is required. 

  • Promotion and Staff Development: Make career development and promotional opportunities equally available to all interested and qualified employees
  • Separation: Ensure fairness and nondiscrimination in the termination process
  • Complaint Resolution: Take appropriate and timely action when there are complaints or grievances
  • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Ensure a discrimination-free workplace