Special Placement Consideration (SPC) Preferential Rehire and Medical Separation Referrals

The campus assists employees who have been affected by a layoff or who are in the process of pre and post medical separation to secure employment back on the campus. The purpose of preferential rehire rights is to give first consideration for career positions to qualified Special Placement Consideration (SPC) candidates. 

Some benefits of hiring an SPC are:

  • Reduces training and orientation time
  • Minimizes the loss of staff knowledge and expertise due to layoffs and medical separations
  • Specific campus related experience

SPC candidates have 14 days to submit their application and receive preferential rehire rights to career positions. Once an SPC submits their application, the department will be able to view their information immediately within the TAM system. Note: if an SPC has submitted their application after the 14 day preferential rehire submittal period, their application should be considered and reviewed with the regular applicant pool.

Please review the following outline of the SPC Process below:

  • Conduct a Qualifications Review by reviewing the submitted documents including resume, cover letter or work history information to verify if there is a match between the stated qualifications on the job posting and the SPC’s background. The SPC Coordinator will work with the hiring manager, as well as the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor as needed, to facilitate the Qualifications Review. 
  • If the SPC meets the stated qualifications of the job, the department should invite the SPC in for a Qualifications Assessment. This assessment should include the SPC, the hiring manager and a departmental human resources staff person. The assessment should not be a panel interview and should only focus on validating a qualifications match. Regular interview questions should be asked of the SPC. If the department finds that the SPC has validated the qualifications match, the department can review the personnel file and check references.
  • If you determine the SPC meets the qualifications of the position, the department should notify the SPC Coordinator and follow the proper New Hire procedures for the campus.
  • If it is determined that the SPC does not meet the qualifications of the position, document the de-selection reasons along with the interview and reference check results to the SPC Coordinator for further review.
  • If the de-selection reasons are determined appropriate the SPC will be removed from the job opening and the department can proceed with their recruitment.  Please note that if the SPC was interviewed it is highly recommended that the department contact the SPC to give constructive feedback on their performance in the Qualifications Assessment.

For additional questions, please contact SPC Coordinator.