Reorganization is a permanent and significant change in organizational hierarchy that results in a permanent and significant change in the function of the position(s) within the organization. A reorganization involves (a) a change in work, (b) the elimination of a position(s) and/or (c) the reassignment of duties which may result in employee reclassification (upwards or downwards). A change of reporting lines, without more, does not constitute a reorganization. This is a separate and distinct process from layoff processes that do not include reorganizations, which require consultation with Employee and Labor Relations.

“Organizational unit as the term is used in PPSM 20 is defined as a Division, or the equivalent.


If the implementation of a proposed reorganization depends on an exemption to the competitive hiring provisions of PPSM 20, the proposed reorganization must be submitted to the Director of Total Rewards in People & Culture for confirmation that it meets the above definition of “reorganization.” Any proposed reorganization within People & Culture would be reviewed by the Vice Chancellor, Administration (VCA) to avoid a conflict of interest. If the reorganization is within the VCA’s immediate office then the review would be conducted by the Chancellor, or designee.

The review process, which will be iterative, is intended to understand why the reorganization is being proposed and the expected outcome. This process will include, but is not limited to, reviewing pre- and post-reorganization organization charts, financial impact, statement of purpose/rationale, new/revised job descriptions and how the new roles were determined. 

The recruitment waiver must be obtained consistent with existing processes. In addition, if the reorganization includes a promotion or reclassification that would result in an individual being placed into a role that reports to a vice chancellor or vice provost without a competitive recruitment process, then the reorganization must be approved by the Chancellor and/or EVCP, as applicable.