Reviewing Your Applications

To ensure fair recruiting standards, career and contract positions must be posted in the Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) system for a minimum of 14-days. Your applications will be available for the Interview members to review through Recruiting Activities within the Employee Self Service menu.

Timeline for when applications are available for review:

  • All career and contract positions will be available on the 15th day of posting, i.e. If your position is posted on September 1st, applications are available for review on September 15th.

However; the following exceptions apply:

  • MSP-level applications are available to view immediately
  • Limited-900 hour applications are available to review immediately
  • Per diem applications are available to review immediately
  • When an SPC candidate applies and has rights to your position, you will receive notification and their application will be available immediately

Your recruiter is available to discuss the status of your recruitment and may recommend additional recruitment options and extension of the closing date to improve the quality and/or diversity of the applicant pool.