Services Offered

Our team provides customized diagnostic/consulting services that address specific workforce effectiveness challenges and opportunities. Click below to learn more about the consulting services that we offer.


Team development

Partner with Pam Rich

Team development serves to build the capacity of a team to reach its stated goals and perform increasingly effective work. Pam’s approach to Team Development begins with listening to understand your vision. She then creates a process specific to you, your team and your culture. Using a combination of tools and strategies such as the Whole Brain assessment or DISC assessment, Pam partners with you to improve work relationships and foster healthier work systems. Topics have included: 

  • clarifying roles and responsibilities

  • developing clear goals

  • understanding each other’s working styles

  • creating team agreements

Korn Ferry Leadership 360®

Partner with Angela Stopper

The Korn Ferry Leadership 360® provides an opportunity for leaders to further develop their leadership skills through input and feedback from those that work most closely with them. This offering includes a one-hour pre-assessment meeting with a certified coach, a 360 delivered through an online confidential tool, and a two-hour post-assessment meeting with a certified coach to understand the data received from the assessment and build a development plan incorporating that data moving forward.

There is a cost of $500 for this service that can be paid thought an inter-department transfer. 


Partner with Pam Rich

Retreats are opportunities for a group or team to have designated time to tackle a strategic or knotty topic. Retreats can last from 4 hours to many days. They are typically the first stage in exploring and planning next steps. Pam offers retreat and meeting facilitation to meet the needs of your unit or division. Topics have included: 

  • developing a vision

  • establishing goals

  • determining what to stop doing

  • building team trust

One Page Strategic Plan

Partner with Pam Rich

A strategic plan focuses your team’s efforts, paints a clear picture of where you are going, supports our pursuit of excellence and insures that you are all working toward the same goals. Taking many ideas from the OGSP One Page Strategy model but adapting them to meet the unique needs of our campus, Pam works in partnership with leaders to create a one page strategic plan that: 

  • defines or confirms mission, vision and values

  • establishes a key objective and supporting strategies to meet the objective

  • outlines metrics by which to measure results

  • creates an implementation plan with persons accountable and due dates.

Succession Management

Description coming soon.


Partner with Angela Stopper, Colin Gerker, or Pam Rich

DiSC® is a tool which provides a common language for people to better understand themselves and their colleagues by providing a safe-space to discover and discuss communication-style preferences and differences. By participating in this team intervention, you will learn about your own style preferences and those of others on the team, as well as gain insights into successfully working in a multi-style environment. 

DiSC® workshops can be incorporated into retreats or offered as stand-alone programs. There is a minimum requirement of two-hour to delivery this offerings. There is no cost for this service.

multistakeholder collaboration

Partner with Pam Rich

Multi-stakeholder collaboration is an essential process for interdisciplinary projects. It is best used when cross functional teams need to come together in order to find a common approach to a complex issue that requires collaboration. Pam develops the process by which to elicit stakeholder input and drive strategic decisions supporting UC Berkeley’s mission.


Description coming soon.