Services Offered

Our team provides customized diagnostic/consulting services that address specific workforce effectiveness challenges and opportunities. Our services facilitate individual, team, and organizational learning and growth. We seek to incorporate principles of  equity, inclusion, and belonging into all our work recognizing the critical  importance of these values in the success of our work. 

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Building Trust Initiatives

POD consultants work with leaders to lay the groundwork for building trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment.

The work begins by introducing the Blanchard ABCD Trust Model, a foundational tool that provides a common language and framework. Doing this work as a team, you will identify behaviors that support high trust relationships, and develop tools to improve or rebuild trust when it is broken. POD can then facilitate activities that build upon the model to support creating greater trust on your team.

Building Trust initiatives and activities can be incorporated into retreats or offered as stand-alone programs. There is a minimum requirement of 2 hours to deliver an initial offering. Building and sustaining trust takes time and requires consistent attention. To that end, the POD consultants are excited to work with you to create a trust building plan by identifying ongoing activities to keep your team and organization growing and thriving.

People & Organization Development also offers a full course on Building Trust. You can learn more and register via the link below:

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Change Initiative Facilitation

Whether you are planning a change inside your organization or across campus, managing change is a key to your success. The People & Organization Development consultants have experience with large and small change management projects and can help you:

  • Address the changes around return to work and new flexible work arrangements

  • Make the case for change and identify a sponsor

  • Create a change management plan of action that includes outreach, communications, and training 

  • Support success and increase buy-in through developing Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement of change initiatives

  • Understand how change within your unit may intersect with other campus systems or plans to ensure fully integrated upstream and downstream success

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Change Style Indicator Workshop

The Change Style Indicator is an assessment tool that can be used for group retreats or individuals to determine preferred styles when engaging with change. Post assessment, we explore the continuum of the primary change style preferences, review the advantages and drawbacks of each, and learn to appreciate the value of all perspectives. This tool can help people and groups learn to manage their response to change and its consequences, both as a leader and as an individual contributor.

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We define coaching as partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations in a thought provoking and creative process that helps maximize potential. Why is coaching so important? Organizations with a strong coaching culture have employees who are 25% more engaged. This means our workforce is more likely to:

  • Perform at a high level.

  • Be satisfied with their work.

  • Go above and beyond to support and include their colleagues.

  • Learn, shift, do, and self-solve.

Check out our offerings below! 

Career Coaching

Career coaching appointments are an excellent way for UC Berkeley staff to receive individualized support. Services include:

  • Planning and setting goals for career development.

  • Exploring, creating, and implementing action plans to support career mobility.

  • Reviewing and optimizing job search materials such as a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile.

  • Discussing any type of career-related challenge or opportunity.

All appointments are currently being held virtually due to local shelter-in-place orders. Book a session today!

Coaching for Reskilling, Upskilling 

According to the World Economic Forum, 42% of the core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change within two years (January 2020). To further empower employee’s ability to plan the next steps in their career journey, the People & Organization Development team offers individual and group coaching options to explore: 

  • Perceived skill level, using the same model that is used in the Berkeley People Management series.

  • Perceived degree of importance for those skills, thinking 1-3 years ahead.

For managers, we start by mapping levels of importance and skill using the Berkeley People Management competencies. For individual contributors, we guide participants through a similar process using the University of California System Wide Core Competency ABCs

This process leads to the creation of customized, individualized development plans for individuals and teams. Each person and team will have a unique plan focused on building the right recipe of actions to reskill or upskill for future roles. These plans will have a mix of learning options, networking activities, and work experiences, partnered with supportive coaching that keeps you accountable to your plan. 

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Executive Coaching 

Another aspect of coaching centers on developing current and emerging organizational leaders to grow their impact at UC Berkeley. 

We offer 1:1 leadership coaching focused on maximizing leadership potential. Additionally, we offer the Berkeley People Management Executive Coaching Program, a cohort based leadership development program which includes a 360 assessment from our partners at Korn Ferry, personalized development plan coaching, self-reflection, peer coaching, and six months of executive coaching from our partners at BetterUp. To learn more, check out the Executive Coaching Program webpage

Performance Coaching 

The goals of the Achieve Together performance development program are to strengthen collaborative partnerships and empower a workforce that is engaged, agile, and driven by a high performance culture. Our team offers 1:1 performance coaching to:

  • Maximize performance potential of individual contributors.

  • Strengthen people managers’ ability to coach for development, performance, and feedback.

  • Enhance managers’ ability to enable success of teams in collaboration, goal accomplishment, inclusion & belonging, innovation (continuous improvement), and job mastery.

  • Build capacity for effective and meaningful check-in conversations, application of the Achievement Criteria, and the ability to set and achieve dynamic goals.

Book a 1:1 performance coaching session through the Achieve Together page

Team coaching 

Deepening campus impact starts with taking care of teams. Team coaching is the practice of challenging a team to maximize its performance in service of meaningful organizational goals and the quality of team relationships. Team coaching is about enabling a team to function more than the sum of its parts, to self-solve, and to build norms of excitement around growth and continuous improvement. 

What’s our team coaching approach?

  • Listening, asking questions, guiding, and partnering with a team to solve problems in which all have a stake through reflection and dialogue.

  • We support, challenge, and use systems theory to enable the understanding and appreciation of different team members’ unique strengths. 

  • We aim to leave the team significantly better equipped to solve future problems without external intervention. 

It is our goal that you continue to own team development and strengthen as a self-solving, self-coaching team.

You might be thinking, is this the right approach for my team? Team coaching:

  • Helps groups open up sufficiently to bring differences into the open and to gain a much deeper level of agreement about the priorities for each of them personally and in their work.

  • Shines a light on how a group functions, on its unwritten rules and behavioral norms, and creates opportunities to bring conscious change. 

  • Encourages the honest conversation that allows the team to identify and challenge its performance barriers.

  • Builds capacities to manage conflicts positively and productively.

  • Focuses team trust and collective-belief building to help everyone develop more effective habits of inclusion and supportiveness. 

  • Equips the team with the tools to use conflict to generate dialogue and improve performance.

  • Includes developing a team learning plan, which defines what the team and individuals need and want to learn, and how this will contribute to the purpose and responsibilities of the unit.

If this sounds like what you are looking for and you would like to learn more, please fill out the intake form. One of our team members will connect with you!

Cross-functional Collaboration Services

Cross-functional collaborative facilitation across multiple teams is an essential process for interdisciplinary projects. It is best used when multiple teams need to come together in order to find a common approach to a complex issue that requires collaborative problem-solving. Through our cross-functional collaboration services, we work with you to develop the process by which stakeholders elicit input and drive strategic decision-making to support UC Berkeley’s mission. As catalysts for cross-functional goals or initiative achievement, our team serves as process designers and outside facilitators focused on building group skills and empowering project leads to make significant progress.

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Cultural Onboarding

Cultural Onboarding is a critical success factor for all new employees. Not only does it improve retention, it also greatly increases employee engagement and satisfaction while simultaneously acclimating the new hire to the mission, vision and values of your unit.

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Customized Workshops

Leaders have a unique set of needs that often do not fit neatly into any category and require custom facilitation design. We have developed a series of modules that address a number of topics that leaders frequently ask for. After a consultation meeting with you (and critical stakeholders), we will partner with you to design a facilitation process that addresses your needs and leads to lasting and sustainable solutions.

Below are examples of workshops we are prepared to lead with sample outcomes.

Priority setting

  • Establish criteria for evaluating what is a priority - for example, do we want to prioritize speed over thoroughness?

  • Sort projects and tasks based on the criteria

  • Determine what projects can be stopped (or at least paused)

Roles & responsibilities

  • Identify gaps and overlaps

  • Develop clarity about roles and responsibilities

  • Determine critical functions


  • Clarify and make explicit the goals of the reorganization
  • Assess organizational needs
  • Determine tasks needed to complete the goals
  • Determine what organizational structure best suits the goals

If you do not see what you are looking for, fill out the intake form to ask for a consultation with us. We are happy to either design something new or steer you to other resources on campus.


DiSC® is a tool that provides a common language for people to better understand themselves and their colleagues by providing a space to courageously discover and discuss communication-style preferences and differences. By participating in this team workshop, you will learn about your own style preferences and those of others on the team, as well as gain insights into successfully working in a multi-style environment.

DiSC® workshops can be incorporated into retreats or offered as stand-alone programs. There is a minimum requirement of two hours to deliver this offering. Units are responsible for purchasing the tool online for this offering.

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Environmental Scan title banner

From time to time, leaders want to have a clearer understanding of what is happening in their world or, what we call, the organizational system. They know that they only see their own organization from one perspective and that there are, of course, others. We provide several options for helping understand the dynamics of the organization. These can be stand-alone projects or coupled with other offerings such as strategic planning.

Interviews, Focus Groups and Surveys

Members of the People & Organization Development team interview some or all members of a given team. We then synthesize the data from the interviews into themes and report them back to the leader or leadership team. We will discuss the data with the leaders (being sure to keep the individual participants anonymous) to determine what they would like to do with the information. We either determine that the work is complete or discuss how our services might support the team further. This work can be a useful complement to 1:1 or team coaching, serve as a precursor to strategic planning, and/or support the prioritization of goals.

As part of the process, we partner with the leader to decide the questions to ask, the number of employees to interview, and the feedback process. Because this process is time intensive, some leaders prefer to use focus groups or surveys as a means of gathering staff input. We can discuss each of the processes and weigh the pros and cons of each for the team's unique scenario.

SWOT or SOAR Analysis

Often as a precursor to strategic planning, leaders need to take a deep look at their organization as it is right now. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results) are two tools with which to do that. In a SWOT analysis, the team considers the strengths and weaknesses that exist internally within the organization. Then they consider the Opportunities and Threats that exist in their external environment. These insights support further discussion on how to leverage the strengths and opportunities, as well as how to overcome or prevent negative impacts from potential weaknesses and threats. A SOAR analysis focuses on the positive aspects of the organization. Using it will allow leaders and their teams to identify opportunities and aspirations that align with the strengths of the unit or department. After a SOAR analysis, teams then work to create action plans that bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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Focused 90°  banner

Expand text: Focused 90° is a developmental feedback program for managers that gives leaders an opportunity to receive feedback on enabling their team’s success against the Achievement Criteria of the Achieve Together Program. The encouraged, optional program gives managers the chance to work in a supportive environment alongside their manager and a People & Culture coach or HR leader to identify a growth plan based on the feedback they receive.

Check out the program webpage here to learn more and to make a request to get the process started.

Korn Ferry 360

The Korn Ferry Leadership 360® provides an opportunity for people managers and project leaders to further develop their leadership skills through input and feedback from those that work most closely with them. This offering includes a one-hour pre-assessment meeting with a certified coach, a 360 delivered through an online confidential tool, and a two-hour post-assessment meeting with a certified coach to understand the data received from the assessment and build a development plan incorporating that data moving forward.

There is a cost of $500 for this service that can be paid through an inter-department transfer. 

Fill out the intake form to request an initial consultation regarding your or your team’s development needs!

Performance Development Support

The People & Organization Development consultants provide a variety of performance development support for individuals, teams, and organizations. We focus on the Achieve Together performance program, offering related support. Our services include:

  • 1:1 performance coaching and consulting for individual contributors, managers, and leaders

  • Ask Me Anything sessions for groups 

  • Customized learning sessions (self reflection, dialogue, workshops, skills practice)

  • Resource curation

  • Achieve Together Network Support

Fill out the intake form to request an initial consultation regarding you or your team’s performance development needs!

Reorganization Consulting banner

Are you considering making changes to your organization? If so, we are here to help. We can assist by helping you think through the changes, their impacts, and the change management needed to implement them successfully.

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Retreats are opportunities for a group or team to have designated time to focus  on strategy, relationships, and ways of working with one another. Retreats can last from a few hours to many days. They are typically the first stage in exploring and planning larger projects or initiatives. We offer retreat design and facilitation to meet the needs of your unit or division. Topics have included: 

  • identifying individual and team values
  • developing a vision
  • establishing goals
  • determining what to stop doing
  • building team trust
  • enhancing team inclusion and belonging 

Fill out the intake form to request an initial consultation regarding your retreat needs.

Six Types of Working Genius Workshop banner

The 6 types of Working Genius is a model that helps people discover their natural gifts and thrive in their work and life. When people are able to better understand the types of work that bring them more energy and fulfillment and avoid work that leads to frustration and failure, they can be more self-aware, more productive and more successful.

Working Genius identifies the six fundamental activities that are required for any type of work and provides a simple framework for how work gets done.

The People & Organization Development team offers a wide variety of workshops based on the Working Geniuses model to support individuals and teams better understand what naturally drives us at work. Fill out an intake form on this page to get started.

Strategic Planning

Check out the UC Berkeley Strategic Planning page to read more to learn about the OGSP model and how POD can support your departmental or divisional strategic planning process!

A strategic plan focuses your team’s efforts, paints a clear picture of where you are going, supports your pursuit of excellence, and ensures that you are all working toward the same goals. It’s so important each employee understands their unique role in achieving big team goals. Taking many ideas from the OGSP One Page Strategy model, but adapting them to meet the unique needs of our campus, we work in partnership with leaders to create a one-page strategic plan that: 

  • defines or confirms mission, vision, and values

  • establishes a key objective and supporting strategies to meet the objective

  • outlines metrics by which to measure results

  • creates an implementation plan with persons accountable and due dates

Fill out the intake form to request an initial consultation regarding your strategic planning needs!

Succession Planning Consulting

To fulfill its teaching, research, and public service mission in the coming years, UC Berkeley needs to attract, develop, and retain top talent at all levels.  Succession and talent management will: 

  • Match individuals’ skills and experience to organizational needs in order to meet future business needs as well as identify potential career opportunities. 

  • Retain employees, utilizing individualized growth and development opportunities. 

  • Develop a strong, diverse pool of internal applicants for key positions. 

Our team offers succession planning consulting  on: 

  • Assessment of future needs

  • Talent development strategy design

  • Employee engagement and outreach

  • Plan implementation and success assessment

  • Revisiting/refining strategy as new priorities and challenge emerge

Check out the Succession Planning page to review resources, including a quick video overview of the process.

If you're ready for a consultation, fill out our intake form to explore how we can support your organizational growth through planning for the talent needs of the future! 

Team Development

Team development serves to build the capacity of a team to reach its stated goals and perform increasingly effective work. Our approach to team development begins with listening to understand your vision. We then create a process specific to you, your team, and your culture. Using a combination of tools and strategies, we partner with you to improve work relationships and foster healthier work systems. Topics have included: 

  • clarifying roles and responsibilities

  • developing clear goals

  • understanding each other’s working styles

  • creating team agreements

Your challenges are unique, and we look forward to identifying ways we can support the development and growth of your team! Fill out the intake form to request an initial consultation regarding your or your team’s development needs!

Technology and Systems Training Banner

The Technology and Systems training program offers professional development opportunities to all campus employees with a results-oriented focus on productivity, process improvement, data management, business intelligence, and automation.

  • Registration is free for UC Berkeley employees.
  • The course catalog features over 50 custom-designed topics.
  • Classes are conducted live via Zoom in a virtual classroom format.
  • Sessions are a short, one-hour duration.
  • No prerequisites are required, allowing individuals to determine their own learning path and pace.
  • Consultation services and office hours are available to learners and departments.

Registration and Resources

UC Learning Center
Register for upcoming offerings.

Training Program Portal
Comprehensive program portal and supplemental resources. 

Contact Information

Keith Samsell
Training Lead, Organizational Development
(510) 643-7973

UC Experience Conversations banner

UC Experience Conversations are 1:1, broad-ranging conversations between employees (non-represented and represented) and managers, focused on understanding and enhancing the overall UC workplace experience.

UC Experience Conversations are recommended to be held at least once a year at a time that works best for employees. The conversations are encouraged, though optional, and ask both managers and employees to discuss a few questions of their choosing. A form of “stay interviews,” UC Experience Conversations surface dialogue and action planning via a wide range of topics of importance to the employee, such as:

  • Overall job experience
  • Future readiness
  • Retention
  • Wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Career development
  • Inclusion and belonging
  • Manager support

These conversations can be included as part of ongoing 1:1 conversations between managers and employees, and are a valuable way for managers and employees to discuss any future needs of the organization and how employees can keep their skills current to be future-ready, new or shifting career aspirations that employees may have, and to provide employees with an opportunity to discuss areas of importance to them. UC Experience Conversations are not considered performance appraisal conversations.

To get organizational support to implement UC Experience Conversations, fill out and intake form to get started! The People & Organization Development Consulting team will be happy to be of support!

Whole Brain Workshop

The Whole Brain Model is a simple and fun diagnostic tool that distinguishes four working styles that reflect different preferences for how we engage with the world. It provides an opportunity for groups to understand themselves and each other better. It also provides a language with which to talk about potentially challenging topics. This assessment is a great team builder and offers imaginative exercises to engage with the materials. Ideally, we allot 2-2.5 hours for this workshop. We ask for at least 1.5 hours.

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We look forward to helping your team grow! 

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