Berkeley People Management: Executive Coaching Program

Berkeley People Management: Executive Coaching Program

News about the program:

  • The nomination and application form for Cohorts #9-10 is now OPEN!
  • Nominations are due on August 1, 2024 (optional, not required)
  • Applications are due on August 15, 2024 (required to be considered for the program)
  • Scroll down to access the application. Within, you can express your preference to participate in either Cohort #9 or #10.

What is this?

Community, coaching, and feedback to drive your growth!

Berkeley People Management: Executive Coaching Program is a cohort-based leadership development experience for people leaders, made possible through Berkeley People & Culture's relationship with Korn Ferry (a global leader in leadership development) and BetterUp (a global leader in developmental coaching). This experiential learning program is designed to foster your growth as a people manager through real-time feedback, accountability, and support. Upon the completion of this program, you will have increased your skills and prepared yourself for future career advancement and success.

If selected for the program, you will:

  1. Join a cohort of UC Berkeley people leaders for a series of customized leadership development workshops (Growing Your Coachability, Introduction to Korn Ferry 360, and Korn Ferry 360 Report Analysis & Development Planning).

  2. Participate in a leadership development 360 assessment experience with our partners at Korn Ferry and our certified coaches within the People & Organization Development team (assessment, analysis, 1:1 coaching, development planning).

  3. Select and meet (virtually) with ICF-certified executive and specialist coaches from our partners at BetterUp for six (6) months.

  4. Experience group coaching circles with your cohort.

  5. Develop your campus network by joining a community of other people leaders at Berkeley and beyond for this intensive, you-focused, developmental experience.

  6. Gain increased skills and further prepare yourself for future career advancement and success.

Click here to check out the program schedule and estimated time commitments

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Program Highlight - BPM Exec Coaching - Participant Experiences (Cohorts #1-3)

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible to participate, you must:

  1. Be currently leading people through one or more of the following scenarios:
    1. Direct or dotted line supervisor of full-time, part-time, limited appointment, undergraduate/graduate, post-docs,
    2. Leading people via project/change management initiatives, or
    3. Leading people within the management of major initiatives, services, or clinics.
  2. Complete Berkeley People Management Part 1: Grow Today prior to the application deadline.
  3. Agree to attend three scheduled workshops with your cohort (Growing Your Coachability, Introduction to Korn Ferry 360, Korn Ferry 360 Report Analysis).
  4. Agree to participate in a program kick-off, mid-point check-in, and program celebration, in addition to program surveys from UC Berkeley and BetterUp.
  5. Agree to participate in and complete the leadership Korn Ferry 360 assessment.
  6. Agree to participate in 6 months of Executive Coaching from BetterUp (biweekly at minimum).

Is there a fee for this program?

While the majority of the program costs are covered by Berkeley People & Culture, to participate in the program, you must secure $1,000 sponsorship from your department paid to Berkeley People & Culture via chartstring transfer.  Funding must be approved by your direct line supervisor and originate from your report-in department. Berkeley People & Culture will process the chartstring transfer after participants sign a Participant Requirement Agreement form as part of the program acceptance activities. The $1,000 sponsorship from your department is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Do I need my supervisor's approval to participate in this program?

Yes. Participation in this program must be approved and sponsored by your direct-line supervisor. They will be asked to give attributed feedback as part of the Korn Ferry 360 assessment, and they must approve the $1,000 program fee paid via Chartstring transfer.

I don't work at UC Berkeley. Can I apply?

Higher education leaders who do not work for UC Berkeley can apply for the program using the application found on this webpage. To learn more about the program elements, cost, and eligibility requirements, you can check out the flyer for higher education leaders outside of UC Berkeley linked here.