Succession Planning for Academic and Administrative Departments

Succession planning is having the right people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right times.
Eugene Whitlock, AVC and Chief People & Culture Officer

To fulfill its teaching, research, and public service mission in the coming years, UC Berkeley needs to attract, develop, and retain top talent at all levels.  Succession and talent management will: 

  • Match individuals’ skills and experience to organizational needs in order to meet future business needs as well as identify potential career opportunities. 

  • Retain employees, utilizing individualized growth and development opportunities. 

  • Develop a strong, diverse pool of internal applicants for key positions. 

The People & Organization Development team offers succession planning consulting and coaching services on: 

  • Assessment of future needs

  • Talent development strategy design

  • Employee engagement and outreach

  • Plan implementation and success assessment

  • Revisiting/refining strategy as new priorities and challenge emerge

We use the UC Berkeley Succession Planning toolkit to guide the planning process. To learn more about the process and the toolkit, check out the items below.