Meet Our Consultants

Meet our Consultants

Our Grow Your Impact team is here to partner with you as you navigate the sometimes-tricky tasks related to organization development and strategic workforce planning. View our Services Offered page to learn more about ways we can help.

Angela Stopper

Angela is your Chief Learning Officer and is the director of the People & Organization Development team at UC Berkeley People & Culture. She is always available for a conversation or planning session to help campus leaders envision how their unit can be enhanced by working with one of our Grow You Impact consultants. Angela has over 20 years of workforce planning and development experience, and is a certified coach and credentialed organization development expert. In addition to working with you to build your people and organization development plan, Angela’s  campus offerings include:

  • Korn Ferry 360®

  • DiSC®

Keith Samsell photo

Keith is the UC Berkeley Technology and Systems training program manager on the People & Organization Development team. Keith has over 20 years of experience in teaching, management, and information technology.

His portfolio of campus-wide professional development services includes:

  • Instructor-led workshops in productivity software, database development, business intelligence, project management, and web design.

  • Instructional design and training delivery consulting.

  • Process improvement and automation consulting.

For more information, contact Keith directly or visit the Technology and Systems training home page
(510) 643-7973

Colin Gerker

Colin (he/him/his) is a Learning Design & Organization Development Consultant on the People and Organization Development team in UC Berkeley People and Culture. He has a passion for organizational performance improvement at the intersection of employee engagement, project and change management, experiential learning, and mindfulness. His areas of focus include:

  • Coaching (for upskilling / reskilling, executive / senior leaders, and team)

  • DiSC® assessment via organizational retreats

  • Learning strategy, design (in-person, online, hybrid), delivery and facilitation consulting

  • Korn Ferry Leadership 360® assessment and coaching

  • Performance development consulting and coaching (individuals, managers, organization leaders)

  • Retreats, strategic planning, team development

  • Succession planning consulting

Read more about the services offered. Know what you are looking for? Fill out this quick form so we can connect. For any specific questions, feel free to contact Colin at

Lisa Rykert

Lisa (she/her/hers) serves as the Career & Professional Development Lead on the People & Organization Development team within UC Berkeley People & Culture. Lisa’s focus on campus is to support staff career growth and mobility with the goal of helping people to love the work they do and do the work they love within a diverse and inclusive environment of belonging. Lisa is also a board certified coach (BCC). Her portfolio of staff career and professional development programs and services includes:

For more information and/or questions you may have about these or related services, please reach out to Lisa at Grow Bears!

James Dudek

James is a Senior Organizational Strategist.  His current focus is on Succession Planning.   He also has a passion for organizational psychology and strategy, change management,  employee experience and assessment.

His campus offerings include:

  • Consulting with units on succession planning.

  • Cultural onboarding:  How to best bring in your new staff (whether from another unit or from off campus) to make them feel welcomed and set up for success.

  • Consultation on change management issues when considering organizational changes.

  • Though partner and executive advisor on organizational psychology and strategy.

  • Consulting on how to design and implement a local engagement strategy to enhance the employee experience and morale.

  • Network analysis:  Are you and your department connected to the right people, units and places?

Pam Rich

Pam (she/her) is an organization development consultant who furthers the organizational mission, builds teamwork and supports strategic thinking for any and all groups on campus. Her customized, collaborative approach incorporates employee knowledge to identify and implement actionable strategies for creating an efficient and effective workplace. Pam specializes in strategic planning, team development, cross-functional collaboration, retreats and meeting facilitation.  Please also ask her about customized workshops.

Read more about the services offered here. For more information and specific questions, please contact Pam at

Jan Crosbie-Taylor

Jan (she/her/hers) is a Senior Organizational Consultant working in Change Facilitation and organizational effectiveness. Jan has a passion for learning, teaching and improving people's understanding of changes coming their way.  She has worked on several large, enterprise scale change management projects and is excited to bring that experience to her work.  

Contact Jan for assistance with: 

  • Helping you, as a UC Berkeley leader, make the case for change in your unit or for the greater campus

  • Creating and delivering presentations on understanding change (for leaders and individuals)

  • Creating a change management plan of action (including communications and training) that will work for you and your team

  • Building understanding of how change within your unit may intersect with other campus systems or plans to ensure fully integrated upstream and downstream success 

  • Korn Ferry 360 assessment and coaching/support

Jan is trained in Prosci’s ADKAR model that supports successful change initiatives through developing Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement of changes. 

Read more about the services offered. Know what you are looking for? Fill out this quick form so we can connect. For any specific questions, feel free to contact Jan at

Meet Your Korn Ferry Coach

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer products and support that will help you continue growing as a people leader. The Korn Ferry Leadership 360® provides you an opportunity to gather feedback from those who work most closely with you as you strengthen your skills related to people leadership. An important part of the journey is selecting a coach that you can trust to help you along the way. The People & Organization Development team has several certified coaches who can help.

Andrea Parthasarathy, Korn Ferry Leadership 360® Coach

Andrea Parthasarathy(she/her) is a Career and Professional Development Specialist on the People Organization Development team at UC Berkeley People & Culture. She takes an individualistic, strengths-based approach to coaching, and uses her role on campus to connect staff with tools, opportunities, and insights that will help them to reach the next stage of their career - whether it’s a new job, or a new level of satisfaction and fulfillment in their current position. As a Korn Ferry 360 coach, she uses the rich data in the report as a starting point for self-reflection and allows the conversation to flow to whatever themes arise as the most important to you and your journey.

Pam Rich

Pam Rich(she/her) is an Organization Development Consultant for UC Berkeley People & Culture’s People & Organization Development team, specializing in strategic planning and team development. She is an active member of the Cal Coaching Network and coaches regularly for the Berkeley People Management: Executive Coaching Program as a certified Korn Ferry 360 Coach. As your coach, Pam will start by first acknowledging the courage that it takes to engage in this assessment and then trusting her to discuss it with you. She seeks to understand what information is important to you in this process and to provide a clear perspective on how to understand the data. Pam’s approach is rooted in asking powerful questions that can catapult conversations into opportunities for transformative self-discovery. If appropriate, she is also always willing to offer resources or suggestions on how to optimize your leadership journey.

Angela Stopper

Angela Stopper (she/her) is your Chief Learning Officer and is the director of the People & Organization Development team at UC Berkeley People & Culture. She has over 25 years of workforce planning and development experience and is a certified coach and credentialed organization development expert. Angela’s style of coaching has been described as no-nonsense, impactful, and insightful. She will help you unpack the massive amount of data that you receive as part of the 360 experience and be there as you determine what steps you might take to grow in areas that will most benefit you, your team, and our campus. As a senior leader and recognized workforce development expert, Angela is ready to partner with you, push you a bit out of your comfort zone, and then help you as you fulfill your fullest potential as a UC Berkeley people leader.

Ying Kuah, Korn Ferry Leadership 360® Coach

Ying Kuah(she, her) is a People & Organization Development Lead on Berkeley People & Culture’s People & Organization Development team. In her work, she acts as a program manager, instructor, instructional designer, and coach who is passionate about helping people grow, both personally and professionally, through fun and interactive workshops, e-Learning, 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching. Ying serves as the co-chair and is a coach for UC Berkeley’s annual Next Opportunity at Work (NOW) Conference, designed to support UC staff with career and professional development.  Ying is also the co-founder of the Cal Coaching Network, a campus Community of Practice with the mission of furthering our efforts to build a coaching culture at UC Berkeley. Ying has helped hundreds of people managers and HR professionals grow to be better communicators, consultants, change managers, trainers, facilitators, and coaches through engaging workshops and thought partnership. She is passionate about supporting all staff as they individually grow their coaching skills and would love to partner with you as you discover data and build a plan forward through your 360 experience.

Colin Gerker

Colin Gerker-Junsay(he/him) is a Senior Organization Consultant and coach on the People & Organization Development team in Berkeley People & Culture. He is also the Co-Chair of the Cal Coaching Network Community of Practice. In his work, he focuses on training, e-learning, team building, strategic planning, retreats, UC Experience Conversations, team coaching, and leadership coaching. What’s his coaching approach? You are in the driver's seat; he is your road-trip buddy. Colin uses unconditional positive regard, humor, and BIG questions to facilitate conversations about growth, change, and self-love. Colin brings gratitude, grit, and a bit of getting focused on figuring out what you want and need to do to get you where you want to go (even if that’s right where you are). 

Jan Crosbie-Taylor

Jan Crosbie-Taylor(she/her) has a background in Change Management and has worked on several enterprise-scale software implementations as the Change Manager. Helping leaders to lead better is something Jan truly believes in. She enjoys coaching leaders, and that often starts right away with the review of your 360 report. Jan's approach is to ensure that you fully understand the data being presented in your report and come away knowing how to take the data to move toward an action plan for personal growth. She truly believes that this 360 experience is a valuable tool that will provide you with deep insight into how your intentions are being perceived by those in your professional sphere, and will be by your side as you use it in ways that matter most to you.