UC Learning Center (LMS)

The UC Learning Center (UCLC) is the University's system-wide learning management system (LMS) for employees. We'll update this webpage in the upcoming months to provide more relevant information to users including trending issues, FAQs on general problems, and revamped training materials to better understand how to use and get the most out of the LMS.

If you have any technical questions (e.g. training not launching, browser issues, etc), please reach out to our IT First Contact team at itcsshelp@berkeley.edu

If you have any questions related to your account or access to the site (i.e. user account not located error, login not enabled, etc), please reach out to our HR First Contact team

Accessible Accommodations for Compliance Training 

If you need accessibility accommodations for the following courses:
  • General Compliance Briefing: University of California Ethical Values and Conduct
  • UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals
  • UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Staff/Supervisor and Faculty
please reach out to learningcenter@berkeley.edu. The help desk will be able to provide you with alternative instructions and format to complete the training. We will mark the training as completed once we have received your confirmation.

System Status Updates

This section lets you know what SumTotal Platform we are currently on and any updates you should know about.