Life Events

At times in your life, you will have changes in your family that may affect your benefits. Most changes must be made within 31 days of the date of the event.

The UCnet site covers many of the life events that impact benefits. Information can be found in the Using Your Benefits section.

If a family member loses eligibility for coverage on your UC plans, such as through divorce or a child becoming too old to be covered, you must remove them from...

DBCs & DHRMs: Benefits Enrollment Process

UC offers three benefits packages – Full, Mid-Level, and Core – to eligible faculty and staff employees. These benefits packages determine eligibility for Health and Welfare and Retirement plans. Please see Benefits Packages for details.

For more information on benefits actions and how to take them, review the Taking Action chart.

When your employees come to you with inquiries about the...

Taking Benefits Actions

Health & Welfare Plans Benefits Plans When Can I Take Action? Who Pays Premium? Plan Administrator PIE[1] OE[2] SOH[3] 90-day[4] Auto Anytime UC EE Medical • • • • •

Blue Shield Health Savings PPO Plan

UC Care PPO Plan


DBCs & DHRMs: New Hire, Rehire, Intercampus Transfer

When a new, rehired, or transferred employee begins work, please follow the steps below to ensure the employee is able to enroll in his or her desired benefits plans.

Changes Resulting from Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 Rulings

Update: Faculty, staff and and retirees who are legally married with a same gender spouse are now able to reclaim income taxes for open taxable years—usually up to three years. Note: the ruling and benefits changes do not apply to same gender domestic partners. The IRS has issued guidance regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and individuals’ ability to recoup taxes paid in previous years. With guidance in place, UC has now set a process...

DBCs & DHRMs: Employees Returning from Leave

Employees must reenroll in benefits within 31 days of their return from a leave of absence using forms UPAY 850 (PDF) and/or UPAY 919 (PDF). To ensure all benefits resume as desired, employees must re-enroll in all of their Health & Welfare benefits, regardless of whether or not the benefit was continued while on leave.

If an employee is on leave for less than 120...

Other Benefits

As a UC faculty or staff employee, you may have access to additional benefits.

Benefits Checklist Supplement: How Benefits are Affected by Indefinite Layoff

collapse all expand all Retirement Plan Options and Decisions

If you are NOT "vested": If you have less than five years of University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) service credit, you are not eligible now or in the future for monthly retirement income or a lump-sum cashout. However, if you have a Capital Accumulation Provision (CAP) balance and terminate University employment, you must take a...

Benefits Eligibility Requirements

The following charts show how eligibility for employee benefits is determined.

Health and Welfare Plans Retirement Plans

Health and Welfare Plans

Benefits Package Initial Requirements Continuing Requirements[1] Loss of Eligibility Full

50% or more for 12 months or more

Accumulation of 1,000 eligible hrs. (or 750 hrs. for Lecturers) in a rolling 12-month period.

(including previous UC employment)

Minimum 17.5...