Reference Check Form

Candidate's Name: ____________________________________

Reference Check provided by:

Name: _______________________________________________

Organization: _________________________________________

Title: ________________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________________________

General questions:

1. In what capacity did you work with the candidate?

2. When did this candidate work for your organization?

3. What were the duties of this position?

4. How would you rank this person as a manager? (Ask only if appropriate)

5. How strong was this person in building or developing teams?

6. Was the incumbent on time and consistently at work?

7. Why did he/she leave the position?

Interpersonal Skills:
In confrontational situations, describe how the candidate reacted. Be specific.

Does the candidate require the manager to regularly assign tasks or does the person seek out work on their own?

How did the candidate progress in his/her position?

Does the candidate always conduct his/her dealings with others in a tactful manner? Explain.

In-depth questions based on job competencies:
1. Can you please give me some examples of this person's initiative?

2. What area of development could the candidate focus on?

Closing questions:
1. Can you describe the candidate's overall working style?

2. Would you hire this individual again? ____ Yes ____ No

Reference Check conducted by: _____________________

Date: __________

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