Interviewing: Guiding Principles

Your goal is to have a fair and effective process for conducting interviews. Statutes governing fair employment cover the interview process as well as the selection of the candidate. To ensure fairness, you should:

  • Conduct structured interviews in which each candidate is asked a predetermined set of questions and all candidates are measured against the same criteria.
  • Treat all candidates in a fair, equal, and consistent manner.
  • Eliminate cultural or other forms of bias in the interview process.
  • Evaluate candidates effectively by developing and asking a variety of questions, including direct, open-ended, and situational questions. Complete the interview evaluation form in eRecruit for every applicant you interview.
  • Keep your top candidates interested by completing the interview process quickly. To facilitate the interview scheduling, use the interview scheduling component in eRecruit. This will allow you to notify your interview panel as well as the candidates.
  • Choose the best candidate for the job.