IDF Checklist

In completing the Interview Data Form (Word format), please use the following checklist to ensure that all information is recorded accurately:

  1. Recruiting Summary: Include information on any extra recruitment efforts made (advertising, job fairs, networking, etc.), including targeted recruitment or diversity outreach.
  2. Candidate Selected: Reasons for hiring should be specifically related to the selection criteria, referenced to the qualifications listed in the posted requisition.
  3. Non-Selected Candidates: Non-selection should be based on the fact that the candidate did not meet the selection criteria and qualifications for the position. Do not compare the non-selected candidate to the candidate who was selected.
  4. Examples of appropriate reasons: Insufficient experience with scheduling and coordinating conferences; lacking knowledge of financial analysis; graphs tools; lacking computer knowledge and experience; lacking clerical skills to develop and maintain files.
  5. Examples of inappropriate reasons: Experience is not comparable to selected candidate; did not have as many years of experience as finalist; was not as talkative as finalist.
  6. Departmental Signatures: Obtain appropriate signatures.