HR Professional Development Program

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HRPDP Learning Curriculum 

Course Name Date
HRPDP Core - People Management in a Union Environment 2022 
HRPDP Core - Taking Disciplinary Action

Oct 7, 2022 (9a-11a)

HRPDP Core - Layoffs and Separations 2022 
HRPDP Core - Leaves (ADA, FMLA, Pregnancy, Sick) Part 1 & Part 2 2022 
HRPDP Deep Dive: Parameter Requests & Union Notices 2022
HRPDP Deep Dive: ADA Interactive Process: Conversations and Documentation 2022

HRPDP Deep Dive: Probationary Period Management (session 1)

HRPDP Deep Dive: Probationary Period Management (session 2)

Sept 22, 2022 (9a-10:30a)

Nov 10, 2022 (1p-2:30p)

HRPDP Deep Dive: - Equity Increases & Reclassifications for Represented positions 2022 
HRPDP Deep Dive: Handling Complaints/Investigations Locally 2022 
HRPDP Deep Dive: Responding to Grievances & PPSM 70's Spring 2022
HRPDP Deep Dive: Stand Your Ground & Resolving Conflicts Spring 2022
HRPDP Deep Dives: Medical Separations Spring 2022
HRPDP Core - UC Berkeley Benefits and Retirement Overview - Bundle 1 9/1/2021 (part 1) & 9/2/2021 (part 2)
HRPDP Deep Dive: Stand Your Ground & Resolving Conflicts 2022
HRPDP Core - UC Berkeley Benefits and Retirement Overview - Bundle 2 9/14/2021 (part 1) & 9/15/2021 (part 2)

HRPDP Deep Dive: Progressive Discipline Practical & Advanced Consideration, Skelly (session 1)

HRPDP Deep Dive: Progressive Discipline Practical & Advanced Consideration, Skelly (session 2)

Oct 5, 2022 (9a-11a)

Nov 3, 2022 (1p-3p)

HRPDP Deep Dive: Probationary Period Management 2022

HRPDP Core Courses and Deep Dives are intended for HR Generalists. Registration links for these courses are emailed to the HR community via HR Network communications.

Learning Management System (LMS) Managers Dashboard can be used to view the training transcripts of your direct reports. A short video of how to use LMS as a Manager can be found here.

The Human Resources Professional Development Program

The HR PDP has been developed to support our People Partners enterprise and to unify our various but critical HR functions and roles through an accessible and supportive learning program and community. It has been designed to support HR Generalists, Academic Personnel Analysts, and those at Central HR. We hope this resource will help you grow professionally and personally and will connect you with our many dispersed subject matter experts who are here to help you succeed.

Access HRPDP at with your CalNet ID.

New to Cal? Have your manager forward your name so that we can provide access to the site.

A Blended Learning Platform

The HRPDP is a part online and part in-person learning program. Our primary learning materials can be found at the bCourse site in a folder called the Human Resources Professional Development Program (or HRPDP).

You must be “invited” to the site and use your CalNet ID to log in. Most of our core audience has already been invited but if you are new to campus or unable to login – please contact to be added.

How to Use the HRPDP

The site is designed as a “learn anywhere” program and most portions of each module can be completed in 5-20 minutes – with entire modules completed in about 90 minutes. The materials are organized in a “passive” to “active” learning format beginning with introductory materials that can be watched, read and listened to, and ending with materials that help you apply what you’ve learned to realistic cases and scenarios. A wide range of downloadable topic at a glance resources are also available to help you apply your learning to everyday cases and situations.

The in-person learning portion of this program will be offered as coaching sessions in which more complex cases and material can be covered in a small group setting facilitated by advanced subject matter experts.

We believe this format makes the most valuable use of your time. Given the complexity of the material, we also believe this format will help us develop a stable resource library that can be accessed whenever it is needed. This format also promises to help us train and onboard new employees more quickly.

What’s in the HRPDP?

HR Generalists

This year we will be rolling out several modules specifically designed for HR Generalists. These include a module on the layoff process, corrective action (progressive discipline), working with unions, and Family Medical Leave. Additional modules will be offered in year two.

The HR Generalist Competencies can be accessed here

Expect to see modules become available in the following time-frame.

Competency Guided Development

The HRPDP has been designed to support the development of three foundational competency areas. These are relational skills (or How you do what you do!), functional skills (or What you produce!), and conceptual knowledge (What you know!). More information about these core competencies as well as prompts that support their development are part of the learning materials available at the HRPDP bcourse site.


Sample related competencies…Interpersonal proficiencies related to,

  • Consulting & Advising
  • Inclusive Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Service & Stewardship
  • The ability to Negotiate, Guide & Plan
  • Support & Manage Change
  • Exercise Diplomacy & Political Acumen
  • Use Emotional Intelligence

In Practice:

Knowledge: consulting, advising, strategic & systems thinking, etc.

Skills: listening, reflection, awareness of self & others, inclusive and culturally sensitive, able to refer & escalate, etc.

Dispositions: flexible, curious, empathetic, collaborative, creative, etc.

In brief: Demonstrates the consulting and advisory skills that support problem solving and decision making, maximize talent, drive strategic change, and increase retention, engagement and productivity.


Sample related competencies…Working knowledge of the policies and practices related to,

  • Employee Relations
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Performance Management
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Leave and Disability Management
  • Payroll and Timekeeping
  • Records Management
  • HCM & Related Systems
  • Talent Management

In Practice:

Knowledge: Appropriate use and application of the AP Manual, AP Bears, HCM, Cal Answers, and applicable University processes & procedures, etc.

Skills: Systems proficiency, quantitative reasoning, analytical & synthesis thinking, policy interpretation & application, anticipatory abilities, aware of and able to manage risk & liability, able to refer and connect effectively, etc.

Dispositions: accurate, detail oriented, interconnected, collaborative, forward thinking, responsive, etc.

In brief: Demonstrates foundational, institution specific knowledge of HR policies and practices, compliance requirements, and risk implications of HR and AP decisions in both union and non-union environments (and senate and non-senate academic titles in teaching, research, administration, and program development and coordination, both in union and non-union environments). Use of quantitative skills and knowledge of client organizations and the external marketplace to evaluate the impact of HR activities and organizational performance.


Sample related competencies…an understanding of,

  • UC’s Mission and History
  • Organizational Structure (Tier 1 Research, Public)
  • Federal & State legal and applicable compliance history, precedent & requirements
  • Current Issues & Trends in Higher Education & HR (Peer, competitor and marketplace trends)
  • Academic Hierarchies & decision-making authority
  • Change management processes & techniques

In Practice:

Knowledge: people, place, history, context, political environment & precedent, etc.

Skills: critical and analytical thinking, etc.

Dispositions: aware, connected informed, proactive, progressive & innovative, etc.

In brief: Demonstrates proficiency in the foundational and conceptual knowledge and information that informs decision-making and planning at multiple institutional, statewide and industry wide levels.


(Relational & Conceptual from Habley, 1995)