Bereavement Leave

Information on bereavement leave

Non-represented employees:

The University recognizes the importance of family and the difficulties employees face following the death of a family member or another person close to the employee.  

  • Death of a Family or Household Member: In the event of the death of an employee’s family member or of a person residing in the employee’s home, the employee may take up to 10 days of accrued sick leave. 

  • Death of Any Other Person: In the event of the death of an individual who is not an employee’s family or household member, the employee may take up to five days of accrued sick leave in a calendar year.

  • Additional Unpaid Leave: If an employee requires more than the time allowed for bereavement leave, they may request an unpaid personal leave of absence or may use any accrued vacation, PTO (if applicable), and/or compensatory time off, if available. 

Represented Employees must refer to their applicable CBA Leave of Absence Article.