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From time to time, changes are made to PPSM at a systemwide or local level. When these changes are proposed or enacted, we will notify you of them here.

Notice of Formal Review and Employee Comment Period

Jan 12 2018

Revision to PPSM 21 (Selection and Appointment)

PPSM 21 (Selection and Appointment) has been revised, effective January 1, 2018, bringing the University in compliance with California Assembly Bill 1008.  A section was added to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) containing state-wide restrictions on an employer’s ability to make pre-hire and personnel decisions based on an individual’s criminal history, including a “ban-the-box” component. 

In pertinent part, the revisions incorporate language delineating:

  • the timing of the pre-hire background check,
  • the pre-adverse and final notice requirements,
  • the pre-adverse notice response period, and
  • a candidate’s opportunity to challenge the accuracy of the background check or provide evidence of mitigation or rehabilitation. 

The revisions also remove common term definitions by including a reference to PPSM 2 (Definitions).

You may access the redlined version at PPSM 21 (redlined draft) and the revised version of the policy at PPSM 21 (revised).

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