Layoff: What to Expect

Your supervisor will meet with you individually to inform you of the layoff decision and why the layoff was necessary. He or she will describe the assistance available to you in understanding the impact on your benefits, and your job search. Your supervisor will also schedule an appointment with Employment Services, where you will be provided with more detailed information about your rights regarding notice. You may also be invited to additional meetings, which may include representatives from your bargaining unit.

Your department may also organize information sessions with representatives from campus support units, including Benefits, Employee Assistance, and Employee Relations.

Before the effective date of your layoff, you will receive a written layoff notice from your supervisor. If you are in a bargaining unit, your union will receive notice at the same time.

What you need to do

  1. Attend the meeting with Employment Services.
    • Your manager will schedule a meeting for you with Employment Services. This is an important meeting and it is critical that you attend it or reschedule if you cannot meet on the scheduled date.
    • Your recruiter will also describe the outplacement (job search) services offered through Employment Services and through community organizations and agencies.
  2. If possible, bring with you to the meeting:
    • Your most current resume
    • A list of current campus jobs you are interested in
    • Any letters of reference you may have
    If you do not have a resume or are not sure how to find open positions on campus, the recruiter will work with you to develop a resume and will show you how to search for open positions at the University.
  3. Stay in touch with your Employment Services representative. Continued communication between you and Employment Services is critical.