Achieve Together Achievement Criteria

What is the Achievement Criteria?

The Achievement Criteria are a tool for managers and employees to discuss and evaluate performance. The Achievement Criteria are also an integral part of the check-in conversation process, in which each of the check-in questions addresses one of the criteria.

The criteria are:

  • Collaboration
  • Goal Accomplishment
  • Inclusion & Belonging
  • Innovation
  • Job Mastery

For each of the five criteria, employees will find themselves in one of three performance levels at any given time:

  • Needs Attention
  • Well Done
  • Stand Out

How do we use the Achievement Criteria?

This framework is a tool that will help employees understand how they are performing, and to inform future performance planning and merit rewards. Employees and managers discuss the criteria during Achieve Together check-in conversations using guided questions, which each address one of the criterion.