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Check-in conversations occur three times per year and will be documented using the Online Dashboard. It’s best for managers/supervisors to create and share the check-in form before the check-in conversation so that the focus of the conversation is really on the discussion, listening, and taking notes. The bulk of documentation in the form can be done afterward. 

Period for Conversation Hold Check-in Conversation Between Online Form Due

Summer: April 1 - July 31

August 1 - September 15
For 2023 only: August 1 - September 29

September 15
For 2023 only: Sept 29
Fall: August 1 - November 30 December 1 - January 15 January 15
Spring: December 1 - March 31 April 1 - May 31 May 31


Step Manager/Supervisor Direct Report
1 Start and share new form for direct reports. Select conversation period. Select conversation date. Receives form via email, ready for edits.
2 Add supervisor notes/comments on guided questions for current period. Add employee notes/comments on guided questions for current period.
3 Update Next Period Goals as needed - or ask your Direct Report to edit the goals.  Review updates made by your manager/supervisor on Next Period Goals - or update the goals and have your supervisor review.
4 Finalize notes/comments. All done! Finalize notes/comments. All done!


If you have problems with the Online Dashboard, please contact the Achieve Together Team at

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