Contents of the Official Personnel File

Information that should be maintained in the official personnel file includes, but is not limited to:


  • Application
  • Resume
  • Prescreening application notes
  • Employment interview report form
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Other background verification
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Request for non-medical leave of absence and approval/denial of leave
  • Employment offer letter
  • Checklist from new employee orientation showing subjects covered
  • Security clearance status
  • Staff oath of allegiance
  • Welcome letter


  • Monthly time sheets
  • Individual attendance record
  • Authorization for release of private information
  • Authorization for all other payroll actions

Performance Management

  • New employee progress reports
  • Performance appraisal forms
  • Performance improvement program records
  • Report of coaching/counseling session
  • Corrective action letters
  • Employee written warning notice

Training and Development

  • Training history records
  • Training program applications/requests
  • Training evaluation forms
  • Certifications or commendations
  • In-house training notification letters
  • Nominations for departmental or campus awards
  • Training expense reimbursement records
  • Safety training/meeting attendance/summary forms

Wage/Salary Administration

  • Job card performance and standards
  • Physical, Environmental and Mental Demands Form
  • Service verification request
  • Compensation history record
  • Compensation recommendations
  • Notification of wage and or salary increase/decrease
  • Summons for jury duty
  • Any change in employment status including requests for reduction in time

Separation (Non-Medical)

  • Exit interview form
  • Final employee performance appraisal
  • Exit interviewer's comment form
  • Record of documents given at time of separation