Supervisor's Working File (Optional)

A supervisor may keep a working file on an individual employee to track work in progress, conduct, and performance related information. A supervisor’s working file typically contains documents of ongoing work such as notes of conversations, assignments, status reports and milestones to support annual performance evaluations.

The supervisor's working file is a confidential file that is typically kept in a secure area near the employee's immediate supervisor. It should be stored in a locked area when not in use. The contents of a working file should be discarded once the information is no longer necessary.

A supervisor's working file is not considered part of the official personnel file. Any personnel action can only be based on what is in the personnel file. If any information in the supervisor's file is to be used as the basis for a timely personnel action, it must be placed in the employee's official personnel file. Any information upon which the supervisor intends to take formal action should be moved into the personnel file in the form of a performance evaluation, letter of warning, Notice of Intent (NOI), or other disciplinary documentation, and a copy given to the employee.