Workers' Compensation

  • Take steps to prevent injuries from occurring. At the end of this chapter are two checklists to help you provide a safe workplace for employees. These checklists identify areas where you can have an impact on the safety of the work environment. (For campus health and safety resources, see Health and Safety: Chapter 17).
  • Assure employee receives medical treatment. In an emergency, call the campus police department at 642-3333 or 9-911. Injured employees should be sent to the Tang Center (2222 Bancroft Way) for urgent care. For less acute problems, call the Occupational Health Clinic for an appointment. Employees may see their personal physicians for treatment of on-the-job injuries if they designated one before the injury.
  • Complete one state-mandated form: the Employer's Report of Incident. This does not mean that you are admitting liability for the injury; compensability is determined by ORS. You are required to complete this process within one working day after you are advised that an employee has been injured.
  • Keep in touch. When the employee is off work, maintain regular contact. This will help the employee keep up with any departmental changes and let him/her know that he/she is a valued member of the unit, and will help you to know how the employee is doing and effectively cover his/her workload.
  • Review medical and vocational information for possible accommodation to a modified or alternative position for employees with permanent work restrictions. You will be provided with a description of these restrictions and relevant vocational information by the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. You will be asked to determine whether accommodation can be made and to notify the Vocational Rehabilitation Unit of your decision in writing. (The section applies to employees injured after 1/1/94.)