Non-Work-Related Injuries

The steps for non-work-related injuries are not as detailed as those for work-related injuries, but they are just as important. If you have an employee who gets injured off the job follow these guidelines:

  • Get written verification from the doctor stating the length of time the employee will be out of work.
  • Refer the employee to the Benefits Unit to apply for disability if the employee's disability extends longer than the available sick and vacation leaves.
  • After exhausting up to thirty calendar days of accrued sick leave (about 22 working days), if your employee wants to, you can authorize the use of vacation time, particularly if the waiting period for the disability benefit is longer than the number of sick days available. The employee must be on leave without pay to get disability benefits.
  • Fill out the Department Time Verification form, which will be sent to the department by the Benefits Unit once the employee applies for disability under group insurance. This form details the last day worked, sick leave and vacation leave used, and when the employee went on leave without pay. This information is reported to the disability insurance carrier and is needed before a claim can be opened. Disability benefits begin when the claim is approved and the employee is on leave without pay.
  • Change the employee's record in HRMS to indicate leave without pay when the employee has exhausted sick leave and/or any vacation days.
  • Keep in touch with the employee during his/her absence.