Disability Management: Resources

Printable version: Physical Injury Prevention Checklist (PDF)

Physical Injury Prevention Checklist

___ Train employees regularly on the health and safety aspects of their jobs.
___ Require and enforce the use of personal protactive equipment and clothing provided where needed (i.e., goggles, face shields, gloves, aprons, hard hats, respirators, ear plugs).
___ Make sure worksites are clean and orderly, walking surfaces properly repaired, stairways fixed with guardrails, and aisles and exits free of obstructions.
___ Conduct regular inspections of your workplace. Look for poorly designed workstations, electrical cords that someone could trip over, overloaded electrical outlets, top-heavy bookcases, etc.
___ Post emergency telephone numbers where they can be readily located.
___ Have an easily accessible first aid kit. Make sure it contains the items needed for the type of injury likely to happen in your unit.
___ Have a readily available list of medical resources.
___ Identify someone in your department who knows about first aid and CPR.
___ Have regularly maintained fire extinguishers readily available.

Psychological Injury Prevention Checklist

___ Express genuine empathy and concern for the health of your employees.
___ Hold regularly scheduled meetings with each employee.
___ Understand your employees' behaviors well enough to notice changes.
___ Take steps toward discussing these changes with the employee.
___ If you have concerns about an employee, consult with the department and other campus resources before intervening.
___ Communicate to your staff any department and campus when new policies affect the employees and the work of the department.
___ Ask for ideas from your staff and make sure they know their input will be received openly.
___ Keep up with campus information on resources.
___ Encourage employees to talk to you about workplace problems and concerns that may affect their work.
___ Understand the many ways that change in the workplace can affect employees.
___ Take steps to ensure that staff members clearly know what work is expected of them and give regular work evaluations.