Before the Employee Arrives

The new employee orientation process begins before the employee comes to work. Planning ahead for your new employee's arrival will allow you to spend productive time on that first day. So, before the employee arrives you should:

  • Notify everyone in your unit that a new person is starting and what the person's job will be. Ask the other staff members to welcome the new employee and encourage their support.
  • Prepare interesting tasks for the employee's first day.
  • Make a copy of the job description card, job vacancy listing (JVL), job performance standards, campus organization chart, and your department's organization chart.
  • Enroll the employee in the New Employee Orientation class through the DEIB Unit in People & Culture.
  • Make sure the employee's work location is available, clean, and organized.
  • Make sure a copy of the appropriate personnel policy manual or contract is available for the employee.
  • Have a benefits information package available.
  • If possible, identify a staff member to act as a buddy for the first week.
  • Put together a list of key people the employee should meet and interview to get a broader understanding of their roles
  • Arrange for a building pass, parking pass, and IDs if necessary.
  • Draft a training plan for the new employee's first few months.