Supervisor's Checklist

Printable version: Checklist for New Employees (PDF)

Supervisor's Checklist for New Employee Orientation

First Day on the Job:

A new employee may be anxious about starting a new job. Try and create a comfortable environment and remember not to overwhelm the employee. On the first day you should:

  1. Give a warm welcome and discuss the plan for the first day
  2. Tour the employee's assigned work space
  3. Explain where rest rooms, refreshments, and break areas are located
  4. Provide required keys
  5. Arrange to have lunch with the new employee
  6. Tour the building and immediate area and introduce the new employee to other staff members
  7. Introduce the new employee to the person you've identified as a buddy (if appropriate)
  8. Review job description card
  9. Review the department's (or office's) organizational chart and explain its relationship to campus
  10. Review your office's policies and procedures including:
    • Working hours
    • Telephone, e-mail, and internet use
    • Office organization (files, supplies, etc.)
    • Office resources (directories, dictionaries, style manuals, computer program manuals, staff listing, etc.)
    • Staff meetings
    • Accountability
    • Customer service philosophy
    • Confidentiality
    • Ethics

During the First Week:

  1. Review employee work area to ensure needed equipment is in place
  2. Set up a brief meeting with the employee and the assigned buddy to review the first week's activities (if appropriate)
  3. Schedule meeting with Department Personnel Manager to:
    • Complete required paperwork
    • Review personnel policies and procedures
    • Learn about benefits (health & life insurance, select benefits, etc.)
    • Schedule Campus New Employee Orientation (if it has not been scheduled)
    • Explain time cards
    • Review vacation/sick/personal leave policies
    • Obtain UC ID
    • Obtain Parking Permit (if appropriate)

    Have appropriate office personnel review:

    • After-hours and weekend office access
    • General review of accounting (if appropriate)
    • Listing of account numbers (if appropriate)
    • Journal vouchers (if appropriate)
    • Travel and reimbursement
    • Diners Club credit card
    • Campus mail services
    • Office supplies
    • Copy machine and fax use

    Review office safety issues:

    • Computer competency with CAL PACT self-assessment tools (if appropriate)
    • Overview of policies and procedures, including confidentiality and software piracy issues
    • Assess knowledge of department's hardware and software

Within the First Month of Employment:

  1. Remind the employee to view the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Briefings for New Employees
  2. Meet with employee to review:
    • Job description
    • Performance standards
    • Work rules
  3. Send employee to New Employee Orientation to review:
    • Campus culture
    • Campus structure
    • Health and safety
    • Campus tour
    • Benefits overview

      Check to be sure employee has signed up for benefits prior to enrollment deadline

Within Six Months of Starting:

  1. Revisit performance standards and work rules
  2. Schedule performance appraisal meeting