The First Day on the Job

A new employee may be anxious about starting a new job. Try to create a comfortable environment and remember not to overwhelm the new employee with too much information on the first day. Orientation is a continuing process, so there will be plenty of time to give the employee all the necessary information. On the first day, you should:

  • Give a warm welcome and try to reduce any nervousness the new employee may feel.
  • Discuss your plan for the first day.
  • Introduce the employee to other staff members.
  • Arrange to have lunch with the new employee, either over Zoom if remote, or in-person.
  • Show the new employee around the office if in-person.
  • Review the job description card and organizational charts with the employee.
  • Explain ride-sharing and transportation services.
  • Review e-mail, Internet and telephone use
  • Give the employee the New Employee Benefits Packet. Be sure to discuss any questions or refer the employee to your Department Benefits Counselor. Remind the employee to fill out and submit benefits forms on time (see Chapter 19, Benefits).
  • Inform the employee of the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Briefings for New Employees.
  • Inform the employee of CANRA, which imposes an obligation to report child abuse or neglect on certain individuals and establishes procedures to report suspected child abuse or neglect or the suspected abuse of dependent adults and elders. This Overview of California’s CANRA document contains more information as well as the link to the form required for those identified as a mandated reporter. More information on our CANRA web page.
  • Explain that University policy and collective bargaining agreements call for most new employees to complete a probationary period before they become regular status employees. Discuss what the probationary period is all about and explain how and when the employee's performance will be appraised during the probationary period (see Chapter 6, Probationary Period).
  • Have the new employee complete all the necessary personnel forms.