Resources for Leaders

As a manager, supervisor, or team lead you serve an important leadership role on campus. There are many different approaches to people management, and there are tools and resources to support you and help you become a better leader.

Manager Toolkits (for managers, supervisors, and team leads)

Helpful toolkits on important people management topics.

Manager Resources (for managers, supervisors, and team leads)

As a manager, you have a critical role in helping your staff learn and develop. On this page, you will find guidance and a collection of resources compiled by Central Human Resources to assist you in your role.

Berkeley People Management program (BPM)

The Berkeley People Management series and certificate program has been designed with YOU in mind. Whether you are an aspiring people leader or are already a seasoned people manager, this program will provide you with an opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills through four certificate tracks: BPM Grow Today, BPM Grow Your Knowledge, BPM Grow Your Team, and BPM Grow the Organization.

Berkeley People Management Knowledge Assessment

Human Resources policies, practices, and collective bargaining agreements are complex. The Berkeley People Management Knowledge Assessment was developed especially for managers, supervisors, and team leads to gauge knowledge in key areas. Once completed, the assessment provides a list of suggested development opportunities related to any significant knowledge gaps identified.

UC Systemwide People Management Certificate

This systemwide program is available for seasoned people leaders as well as anyone desiring to become a team lead, supervisor, or manager. The series consists of core and elective courses covering the following topics: Performance Management, Managing Implicit Bias, Managing People, Administration and Operations, Change Management, and Communications. Those who complete the UC Systemwide People Management Certificate are eligible to attend the UC People Management Conference.

Integrated Talent Management

As a part of UC's systemwide HR strategic plan, talent management integrates the HR functions of talent planning, acquisition, onboarding, performance, learning and succession into an interconnected whole. The manager delivers guidance through frequent feedback, professional and career development and engagement activities, all of which are aligned with the organization’s short- and long-term goals. Learn more here!

Access your services

CEB is the world’s leading member-based advisory company, providing research, tools, resources and best practices in a variety of disciplines to leaders in a variety of industries. UC has a systemwide membership with CEB which allows all UC employees to access these resources on an unlimited basis.