April Irwin's Career Trajectory

Advancing at Berkeley: April Irwin's Career Trajectory

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What roles have you had throughout your time at Berkeley? 

Communication Specialist, Educational Technology Services (ETS) 

Focus: Creating communication and outreach plans for ETS services, maintaining the website, and helping draft internal department communications.  

Administrative Manager, Research, Teaching, and Learning Services

Focus: Help manage the financial, HR, and business administration of the newly formed Research, Teaching, and Learning Service area. 

What factors do you think helped you switch positions successfully within Berkeley?

My switch has been a transition from a role focused on the specific discipline of marketing and communications, to a much broader set of responsibilities around organizational administration, finance, HR, and communication. Being involved in the One IT Committee, the Berkeley Communicators conference, and staff organizations such as CAN helped me gain a more cross-campus perspective which has been very helpful in my new role. I am somewhat introverted, so in addition to creating a broader perspective, these groups helped me build a network of folks. If I don’t know the answer, someone I know might. 

You’ve been involved with Cal Women’s Network (CWN). Did that contribute to your growth, and if so how? 

CWN has been a place to taste-test campus and get a better sense of the community available on campus. I would consider it part of a larger combination of presentations and meetings I attended to better understand campus. 

Gain new experience by becoming involved in a staff organization or community of practice.

Any final words of wisdom to staff looking to grow their careers at UC Berkeley?

Keep growing. Don’t be afraid to ask for projects or tasks that go a little beyond your normal job description [informal learning]. Be an active partner in your professional development, and seek out organizations, trainings, and projects that will expand your understanding of yourself and your organization/Berkeley. 

If you’d like to advance your career with today’s methods read about the corporate lattice model- here

April Irwin is the Administrative Manager within Research, Teaching, and Learning. She’s been a part of the UC Berkeley community for 5 years. To follow up with her about this  feature e-mail agirwin@berkeley.edu or connect with her on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/april-geffre-irwin-8bb4aa34/

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