Top 19 LinkedIn Learning Courses of 2019

Stay at the top of your career by learning what’s popular on campus. We’ve made a list of the most frequently completed courses by our colleagues to help you start the year off right! 


Here are the top 19 LinkedIn Learning Courses of 2019


Javascript Essential Training
2. Unconscious Bias
3. Python Essential Training
4. Excel 2016 Essential Training
5. IT Service Desk Careers and Certifications: First Steps
6. Node.js Essential Training (2017)
7. Premier Pro CC 2019 Essential training
8. Project Management Foundations
9. Learning the JavaScript Language
10. Time Management Fundamentals
11. Managing Up
12. Web Development Foundations: Web Technologies
13. Customer Service Foundations
14. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
15. Critical Thinking
16. Effective Listening
17. Project Management Foundations: Schedules
18. SQL Essential Training
19. Communication Foundations

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