Curated Tools Relevant to COVID-19

As we all work to adapt to our new environment to help protect UC Berkeley's staff, faculty and students, as well as the broader community from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we understand that there can be confusion and uncertainty at work. In response, we have compiled a list of resources that may be useful in supporting the success of our staff during these challenging times.

Tools to be Successful While Working Remotely


The following resources will give you information on technology support and best practices when working remote.


LinkedIn Learning Ideas

Learning Path Details: 5h 3m of content ; 5 items of learning content

  • Stay connected with Zoom meetings: Collaborate more seamlessly using Zoom, the popular video conferencing tool. In this course, you will learn how to schedule, moderate, and participate in Zoom meetings. 

Course Details: 45m 11s of content ; 3 chapter quizzes

Paid Administrative Leave Guidelines

Paid Administrative Leave - Guidelines for Staff Managers and Supervisors

Paid Administrative Leave - Guidelines for Academic Supervisors


During these unprecedented times, your priorities around self-care, exercise, work and family have likely shifted. Whether you need to refocus on your self-care or receive support while caring for others, we have assembled resources to help you achieve and maintain wellness.


  • Greater Good’s Guide to Wellness During Coronavirus: Practices, resources, and articles for individuals, parents, and educators facing COVID-19.
  • Wellness Resources Faculty and Staff: During these unprecedented times, your priorities around self-care, exercise, work and family have likely shifted. Whether you need to refocus on your self-care or receive support while caring for others - children, family or elder adults, our partners at the Be Well at Work programs have assembled resources that may help to relieve stress, anxiety, and allow you to breathe a little deeper. 
  • Be Well at Work- Employee Assistance: We recognize that many people are experiencing heightened anxiety and fear in response to the current pandemic and the uncertainty it brings. While we all strive to support each other as a community, at times, it may also be useful to connect with formal resources for assistance.  You can access free, confidential support from a licensed mental health professional through Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance. Appointments, including phone and video options are available, and can be scheduled:

By email -  OR

By phone - 510-643-7754

LinkedIn Learning Ideas

  • Managing Stress for Positive Change: During the current situation we are all facing, it is natural for stress to arise. In this video, you will learn what stress is; how you can train yourself to use stress in more effective ways; and what managers can do to reduce employee stress when an organization experiences difficult times.

Course Details: 57m 59s ;  Beginner + Intermediate ; 3 chapter quizzes

Real-Time Offerings, Services and Development Opportunities

The People & Organization Development team has many "real time" resources at your disposal. We have adapted to the current situation, and are offering many of our services and offerings remote. We encourage you to take advantage of all the amazing growth opportunities available to UC Berkeley staff:

Continued Learning

UC Berkeley People & Culture is a huge advocate for continued learning. We provide many learning opportunities for our employees. This is a curated list of some learning opportunities that you can complete remotely:

  • Explore the wisdom cafe - A gathering place for staff to learn about professional development, each other and other informal and social learning opportunities.
  • Tech and Systems Training

  • Achieve Together Training

    • You can use the time to learn about and prep for the new Achieve Together performance program

  • Vendor contracting learning

    • As a Berkeley staff, you have access to LinkedIn Learning

      • The POD team has been working to create learning pathways (playlists) within LinkedIn Learning that you can explore, in addition to creating your own playlists

    • All Berkeley staff also have access to CEB

      • Check out the Corporate Leadership Council page where you will find a wealth of information!

  • There are still many more learning opportunities on the Grow Your Skills page

    • While some of the Learning from our Campus Partners has been postponed, there are still groups providing opportunities every day, for example,  the Great Good Science Center

  • Our Learning Calendar and Events

    • While mostly face-to-face events now, the team will start to update the training and event calendar with new virtual events as they are created 

  • Sponsored Tuition

    • You may want to take this opportunity to explore this program to see if there's anything you could sign up for (they have both face-to-face and online programs) now or in the future

Professional Development

UC Berkeley supports staff professional development through Procedure 50, which states that "non-probationary career employees are eligible for up to 80 hours (non-exempt) or 10 work days (exempt) release time (pro-rated based on appointment) per calendar year for professional development, which should be career-ladder related."

Now more than ever, continuous growth and development is critical to maintaining the excellence of our staff, and supporting the mission of the campus, now and in the future. There are many options for developing your knowledge, skills, and abilities, and we encourage you to explore them for yourself and with your supervisor. Here are some ideas:

Compliance Training

Use this time to complete your compliance trainings: 

Log into the UC Learning Center and click on “Required Training”. If you change the filter to “Required” you will be able to see when your compliance training expires. Remember, by law, we all need to be current in the three UC mandated areas: Sexual Violence / Sexual Harassment Prevention, Cyber Security, and Ethical Values and Conduct.

Remote Consulting Services

The People & Organization Development team offers a wide variety of consulting support for you and your team. Please let us know how we can help you plan for success in any of the following areas:

  • Change management - Jan Crosbie-Taylor

  • Program implementation and continuous improvement - Jan Crosbie-Taylor or Colin Gerker

  • Performance consulting for organizations, teams, and individuals - Colin Gerker

  • Learning and resource support and curation - Colin Gerker (training lead), Kathy Mendonca and Lisa Rykert (additional support), and Ying Kuah (online content curation or virtual training)

  • Strategic planning support - Pamela Rich

  • Performance calibration planning - Colin Gerker

  • Building a coaching culture, implementing coaching circles - Inette Dishler

  • Team development - Pamela Rich

If you think you would benefit from any of these services, please email us using the directory below: 

Consultant Email
Jan Crosbie-Taylor
Colin Gerker
Kathy Mendonca
Lisa Rykert
Inette Dishler
Pamela Rich
Ying Kuah

Managing Remotely

We have many amazing tools for managers working at UC Berkeley, but also understand that managing remotely may bring up new questions. In response, we have curated a list of resources that relate to managing remotely as result of the unprecedented circumstances we are in.

General Resources for Managing Remotely

LinkedIn Learning Ideas: 

  • Manage Remote/Telecommuting Employees: Managing employees virtually requires different skills than in-person. Use this learning path to brush up on the skills you need to do it effectively.

Learning Path Details: 7h 43m of content ; 9 items of learning

  • Expectation Setting in Uncertain Times: Here you can find content for us to flex our muscles around clear expectation setting in times of change, and how we can lean-in to needed conversations to support everyone in doing essential work to drive success.

Collection Details: 11 items of learning

Remotely Orienting New Employees

As a hiring manager, you may be wondering how you can successful welcome your new employee to campus when we're not ON campus. We've created this tool kit to help you (and your new employee) become part of the UC Berkeley community, regardless of their start date.

Getting Started

First, let's start with a big Welcome to UC Berkeley!   Many of the items that are part of our cultural onboarding tool kit still apply, even during this crisis. Additionally, here are some resources you and your new employee can explore, to enhance their first few days and weeks at Cal. 
Use these links to build an orientation experience where employees can: 

Resources from Our Campus Partners

Many campus groups and partners are creating resource websites that could be helpful to you at this time. We're collecting them here, so you can easily navigate to other resources across the campus and our system.

Division of Equity & Inclusion Resource Page

The Division of Equity & Inclusion is working remotely, providing support virtually to students, staff, and faculty during the period of Shelter in Place. Find out how to access their programs and resources by visiting their webpage.  

Take care of yourself by staying indoors as much as possible and following the Shelter in Place guidelines. Stay connected with your community so that you do not feel alone by reaching out virtually and checking in with your family members and friends. 

If you have questions about how we can support you, please e-mail us at

Student Affairs Remote Work Resources

Student Affairs has created a site with great information on Remote Work Resources, including categories for staff, for supervisors, and professional development suggestions to take advantage of during this time. 

Greater Good Science Center

Click here to view the "Greater Good’s Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus," a webpage with practices, resources, and articles for individuals, parents, and educators facing COVID-19.

At Greater Good, our mission is to share scientific research that can help promote a happier, more compassionate society. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we’re committed to bringing you stories, tips, and tools for these uncertain times in our global community.

We’ll continue to update this page with resources for individuals, families, and educators. 

Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workspaces

Located within the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workspaces has some great information on integrating and applying interdisciplinary sciences to achieve worker health and well-being. 

UC Berkeley Executive Education: Leading Through Crisis

In recognition of the significant volatility in global business due to the impact of COVID-19, we have launched Leading Through Crisis, an online series of short-form videos from renowned faculty at UC Berkeley and the Haas School of Business.

Produced while "sheltering-in-place," in relaxed and mostly personal settings, we have created these programs specifically to support you and your leadership capabilities during this unprecedented time.