Frequently Asked Questions - Online Form

How do I access the online check-in form?

Employees and Managers/Supervisors can access the Achieve Together check-in form using the Online Dashboard button on the Achieve Together home page.

When starting a new form, I can't find my direct report in the search?

This could be due to the following:

- Name is different in the system: We are pulling the names from the CalNet Directory. Please confirm the name your employee uses in the directory and search.

- The name in the directory has an accent mark: Special characters like "ú" and "á" do not search properly in the search box. Consider doing a partial search (Example: Searching for "Fran" instead of "François"). If you have trouble finding a person, please submit a ServiceNow ticket

- Leaving a blank at the end of the name: Please do not enter a space after a name, it changes the search results (For Example: "John" will bring up different results from "John "). 


I've found my employee, but why do I receive an error when attempting to move forward after pressing the "Select" button?

This may be caused by an empty supervisor field in UCPath. Please contact your HR representative to verify this information and make corrections as needed.

How do I change my email or name in the online tool?

Please create a ticket in ServiceNow if you need to update any of the following displayed items:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

As a new supervisor, is it possible to import goals from a previous supervisor?

Unfortunately, the system will only allow you to import goals for past forms you have created. If you need a copy, we recommend asking the employee to print out the previous form. If you need any additional assistance, please create a ticket in ServiceNow

Why are some fields locked?

Supervisors and employees have access to edit different fields. 


  • Date Conversation Held
  • Supervisor Notes
  • Current Goals
  • Supervisor Comments on Current Period Goals
  • Next Period Goals


  • Employee Notes
  • Employee Comments 

I've finalized my portion of the form accidentally, is it possible to have it re-opened for edits?

If you have finalized your portion of the form and need to re-open the form, please create a ticket in ServiceNow. Please note that re-opening the form removes the completion for both supervisor and employees so both will need to go in after the edits to re-finalize the form.