Career Development

Career Development Workshops

Upcoming career planning and self-assessment workshops include:

Self-Assessment: The Six Invaluable Factors

What is meant by “value”?  Clearly, all of us have value as human beings.  In terms of your employability, however, you could fall anywhere on a continuum from someone the world of work can’t live without to someone easily replaceable.  Today, organizations are faced with rapidly changing environments, competitive pressures globally, ever-changing technological advances, and more.  The pressure to be more innovative, productive, flexible, and sustainable has never been greater.  You probably don’t need to be told this – you know it and you’ve been experiencing it in your work life. 

Career Awareness: Trend Tracking

Career Awareness also means keeping abreast of the ever-changing directions your organization, industry, or profession is moving toward.  Establish some habits, such as bookmarking websites that discuss your industry and checking them regularly to read content.  Some examples would be the UC Berkeley News Center and industry journals such as the Chronicle of Higher Education

Career Development

Career development is a self-initiated process with support and resources provided by managers and the organization.  At Cal, we use a 5-part model of career development to help you organize your career development planning activities.  We encourage you to explore all the information, resources, and tools provided in each area of our model.  To begin your exploration, we encourage you to take the career development competencies assessment (PDF).

Career Development: Skill Development

Skill Development means developing yourself and your skill sets to add value for the organization and for your own career development. Fostering an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning is the key to workplace success. Continuously learning and developing one's skills requires identifying the skills needed for mobility at Cal, and then successfully seeking out trainings or on-the-job opportunities for developing those skills.

Career Development: Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment is a process of clarifying your value through discovering the relationship between various occupations and your personality type and work style, interests, career values, and

Career Development: Career Management

Career Management ensures others know about you and your value. Although Career Management is one of the five phases of career development planning in our model, it is deliberately front and center since activities related to career management are relevant to all the other phases. Also, career management, unlike the other phases, is a continuous process that occurs throughout one's career and not just at discrete times.

Goal-Setting: Resources & Tools

There are many resources available to you at UC Berkeley to help with the goal-setting phase of your career development planning. These include workshops and individual career counseling.

Skill Development: Resources & Tools

There are many resources available to you at UC Berkeley to help with the skill development phase of your career development planning. These include training and educational opportunities on and off campus; online learning opportunities; training programs for leaders, supervisors, and managers; books; videos/DVDs; and worksheets.