Procedure 36: Classification of Positions

The following procedure should be read in conjunction with PPSM 36.

The Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC) of Central Human Resources is responsible for evaluating and assigning positions to salary structures or ranges. 

Department heads are required to obtain a decision on the title of a position before an employee is hired and before the title of the position is changed.

Positions are reviewed for the proper title:

  1. Upon the development and submission of a job description for recruitment purposes.
  2. Upon replacement, when there are significant changes to the duties and responsibilities of a position.
  3. When the duties and responsibilities of the position have changed significantly, such that they no longer match the approved job title.

Classification review materials are forwarded to the Compensation Unit for classification review. The department and the employee are notified of any classification decisions made. An upward reclassification is effective on the first of the month following the day of receipt in the Compensation unit.