Procedure 21: Appointment

The following procedure should be read in conjunction with the corresponding sections of PPSM 21.


Reasonable time off with pay is determined by the employee's supervisor. The supervisor shall also grant reasonable time off with pay for interviews on other campuses; in such cases, reasonable time is normally equal to the time that would be required for an interview on the employee's own campus, but not travel time.


  1. All selection processes should be the same for all candidates and should be clearly related to the responsibilities of the position and to the pre-determined selection criteria. A selection method is any assessment technique, including screening of applications and resumes, work simulation exercises, work samples, training programs, and probationary periods used as qualifying mechanisms; physical, education, and work experience requirements; and formal and informal interviews.
  2. Persons with Disabilities:  Selection decisions regarding otherwise qualified persons with disabilities shall be made in accordance with the University's guidelines related to nondiscrimination on the basis of disability - the provisions of which govern reasonable accommodation, pre-employment inquiries, medical examinations, and other employment practices.
  3. Records of the selection process should be maintained by the department for reporting and auditing purposes. Those records include:
    1. job-related selection criteria used to screen the applicants;
    2. questions used during interviews, including those used by selection committees;
    3. evaluation instruments;
    4. a completed interview data form (IDF) listing reasons for selection and non-selection of interviewed candidates;
    5. notes on references checked; and
    6. copies of any assessment tools used (e.g., writing samples, including accompanying instructions).


Employment and related reference checks as needed are normally conducted for all positions including critical positions. To verify information about an applicant's knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualifications that will be important to successful performance in a new position, job-related inquiries may be made of current and former supervisors and of other persons who can supply relevant information.

  • Safety-Sensitive Positions:  Positions requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL) are designated as "safety-sensitive" as defined by the Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug and Alcohol Regulations. Campus DOT implementation procedures mandate, in accordance with the law, specific drug and alcohol testing and reference checks. When hiring in this category (whether the applicant is an outside applicant or current employee), the Employment Analyst must be consulted to facilitate the selection process. A job offer cannot occur before specified information is received by the hiring authority.


Employment of near relatives is subject to the approval of the control unit head or designee.