Achieve Together

Please note: For non-represented staff looking for information about this year's performance and merit process, click here. For staff in units looking for information about the Achieve pilot  (Law, IST, UDAR, CHR, Haas, Chemistry), click here

UC Berkeley's new performance program focused on your professional development

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What is it?

The performance development program for non-represented employees and managers driven by a series of regular check-in conversations and results-driven goals, replacing the annual review.

What's new starting April 2020?

The new performance development model is supported by these key program elements:

  • Employees & managers start having meaningful, guided check-in conversations 3x per year to discuss current and future performance
  • The first period begins April 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020, followed by a check-in conversation
  • Goals set for any length of time based on your work priorities, not just an annual review period
  • Clear expectations for what and how we accomplish our work focused on job mastery, goal accomplishment, innovation, and collaboration. These criteria will be used as guidelines to support growth, and serve as the framework to recommend merit rewards
  • A simple online tool to document check-in conversations and review goals for both managers and employees to use
  • Begin moving toward alignment between unit/UC Berkeley strategies and employees' goals and work priorities
  • Continued in-person and online training and resources for individual contributors and managers

What about my current goals?

Review your current goals and update them to reflect this shortened nine-month cycle. Meet with your manager and discuss any changes you may have, ensuring you're both in sync on goals and expectations that are aligned with departmental and campus strategies. You will finish your final year-end evaluation by April 30, 2020.

How can I prepare now?

Workplaces that sunset year-end evaluations and incorporate check-ins gain greater individual, unit, and organizational success by implementing a plan to build a culture of coaching. While Achieve Together readiness training will be available for managers/supervisors and individual contributors in early 2020, you can get involved with building a coaching culture now!

For those who want to get a head start, here are some ways you can prepare now:


All Non-Rep Employees + Managers

  • You are invited to join the Cal Coaching Network 
  • Support the new Achieve Together program by reviewing the website and sharing with others
  • Ask questions and share feedback with the project team
  • Get excited for a new performance program focused on your professional development

HR Pros and Unit Leadership

We are here to support you! Invite us to support the transformation in your area through: unit readiness planning, presentations to your leadership group, manager meeting, or all-hands gatherings.

Our team will share more information and resources in early 2020.

How did we get here?

Central HR has been working to strengthen belonging in the Berkeley community, improve climate, and create a greater level of staff engagement. For two years, approximately 25% of non-represented academic and non-academic staff piloted a new approach to performance development focused on strengthening the collaborative partnership between you and your manager, in addition to supporting a workforce that is agile, engaged, and driven by high performance. While stand-out achievements are paramount to Berkeley's success, it is how we achieve together that defines the strength of our community. Pre-pilot, 46% of employees reported talking with their manager about performance only once per year. Incorporating performance and engagement-related check-ins as part of your already scheduled 1on1 time gets you more timely feedback and support, alignment of team efforts, and the ability to demonstrate ongoing performance development.

Achieve Together
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