Achieve Together

Please note: For non-represented staff looking for information about this year's performance and merit process, click here. For staff in units looking for information about the Achieve pilot  (Law, IST, UDAR, CHR, Haas, Chemistry), click here

What is it?

The performance development program for non-represented employees and managers driven by a series of regular check-in conversations and results-driven goals, replacing the annual review.

How can I prepare now?

Explore the Achieve Together site and learn more about the program! Learn about goal setting, understand what check-in conversations will look like, how performance and merit are linked, explore trainings, guides, and more.

If you still have questions, check out the FAQs, or contact the project team

What's new starting April 2020?

The new performance development model is supported by these key program elements:

  • The first period begins April 1, 2020
  • Employees & managers start having check-in conversations 3x per year to discuss current and future performance
  • Goals set for any length of time based on your work priorities, not just an annual review period
  • Clear expectations for what and how we accomplish our work focused on job mastery, goal accomplishment, innovation, and collaboration
  • A simple online form to document check-in conversations and review goals for both managers and employees to use
  • Begin moving toward alignment between unit/UC Berkeley strategies and employees' goals and work priorities 
  • Continued in-person and online training and resources for individual contributors and managers

Why do we need a new performance program?

People & Culture (formerly Central HR) is working to strengthen belonging in the Berkeley community, improve climate, and create a greater level of staff engagement. For two years, approximately 25% of non-represented staff piloted a new program focused on strengthening the collaborative partnership between employees and managers. 

Pre-pilot, 46% of employees reported talking with their manager about performance only once per year. Incorporating performance check-ins as part of your already scheduled one-on-one time gets you more timely feedback and support, and better alignment of team efforts. While stand-out achievements are paramount to Berkeley's success, it’s how we achieve together that defines the strength of our community.

What are the program goals?

The Achieve Together program has two primary goals:

  1. Build collaborative partnerships between employees and managers 
  2. Support a workforce that is engaged, agile, and performance driven